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If you have stumbled upon our website while looking for information on the 5k/10k races, we have a question for you…. Why not join Edinburgh Athletic Club?

( For Junior Athletes, please click on the link   New Junior Members )

We believe we are the biggest and best club in Scotland and have picked up several Club Of The Year awards from ‘Scottish Athletics’ to prove it!

We take part in all athletic disciplines, not only Road Running, we cater for Track and Field, Cross Country, Trail Running, Hill Running, Adventure Racing, Duathlons, Triathlons etc. etc. You name it, we have athletes taking part in it!

Have a look at just some of the advantages to joining EAC over running ‘unattached’:

  • Access to coaching sessions and group runs: There are training sessions on Tuesday 7.00pm Meadowbank, Wednesday 6.00pm The Meadows, Thursday 7.00pm The Meadows, Saturday 10.00am The Meadows and Sunday 9.00am Craiglockhart.
  • Access to UK Athletics qualified coaches for help, advice and training schedules. All coaches fully disclosure checked by Disclosure Scotland.
  • You have already discovered our EAC website. This provides up to date information on races, results, social outings etc. for all of our members. Communication is a vital aspect to any club and we are constantly looking for ways to improve and develop our website, making it bigger and better.
  • If you are a member of EAC you will save £12 on your joining fee for Scottish Athletics, you will then save £2 on the entry fee for every road race you enter.
  • Discover a whole new world of running, feel involved in something bigger and see the natural progression. As part of a club, not only do you get a team spirit and help and support from your clubmates, in races you can count towards team awards and win prizes.
  • Social events and activities. Pub nights, meals, weekends, holidays for races and training.
  • Enjoy some interesting and enjoyable cross country running. The club will pay your entry fee to 8 cross country events over the winter, many of which you are unable to enter as an individual. East District Relay races, Scottish Relay Races, Three races in the East District League, East District Championship, Scottish 4k Championship, Scottish Cross Country Championship. (That more than covers the entry fee on it’s own!).
  • For Road races, the club will pay entry fees for championship events as long as certain performance standards are met (see elsewhere on the website for current standards). Races include Scottish 1/2 Marathon championship (Dunfermline), Scottish 10k (Vale of Leven), East District 1/2 Marathon(Loch Leven), East District 10k (Dunfermline). (That could cover far more than the cost of the membership fee!!!)
  • Possibility for track running: If you ever have a notion for running on the track, we have teams competing at all levels, from Edinburgh to East District to Scottish to UK level.
  • Access into club handicap races and various other club races throughout the year including MacDonald Trophy and Robertson Trophy.
  • Share transport to events with your club mates.
  • Guaranteed entries for the London Marathon.
  • 10% Discount at Run & Become, Run4It, Sweatshop and 20% discount at You Physiotherapy .

So what are you waiting for, JOIN US!! Download an application form at

EAC 2015 Membership Application Form

Member Application 2015 Guidance Notes

Or why not register online (our preferred option) Contact the membership secretary for the link to the online process.

If you have any questions, you can contact Brian Nisbet, the membership secretary, here.

  1. My 14 year old son is interested in athletics, particulary the javelin and running – would the club cater for this?

    Where in Edinburgh are you based?

    Do you cater for 14 year old boys and if so how often do you train?


    Linday Brown

    • Hi Lyndsay
      Our main training nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays at Meadowbank Stadium.
      The club now runs induction evenings for new members wishing to join, the next one should be in January.
      I shall pass your enquiry on to Yvonne Jones who will get in touch with you

      • Thanks Derek

        If Yvonne Jones could e-mail me with this info that would be great.

        Do members usually attend both nights?


  2. I am considering joining Edinburgh AC in order to improve my 5k/10k ability. I note from a previous post that the club now run induction evenings for prospective new members, with the next one possibly being in January 2010. Do you know when this is likely to be?

  3. Hi Joe, sorry that you have not had a reply until now! It sounds like you are looking towards the endurance secion of the club where it is just a case of turning up and joining in. The induction evening mentioned is for kids coming along to the track & field side.
    For endurance/distance running come along to Meadowbank on a Tuesday 7pm, The Meadows on Thursdays at 7pm (where middle meadow walk hits Melville Drive), Meadows again on Saturday’s 10am and Craiglockhart Tennis Centre Sunday 9am (12-16 mile steady runs). Cheers, Garry

  4. I am a high school coach in California and one of my very talented 15-year old athletes will be in Edinburgh this February 13-21. He would be very interested in getting together with your team for some training runs while he is there. Please let me know if that is possible.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ron

      I have passed your enquiry on to Bill Walker our Head Coach and he should get back in touch.


  5. Dear Derek

    I was wondering whether you ever need plain, or printed or embroidered hoody, T shirts, or jogging trousers for Club members?

    We supply such clothing, and have in-house printing and embroidery facilities too.

    If not, I apologise for bothering you.

    Kind regards


    0131 220 2636

    20 Victoria Street

  6. Hi, im currently a student at Edinburgh uni, i joined the uni athletics club but it doesnt really facilitate for throwers. My event is the shot putt and i was wondering if i was able to throw with your club.

  7. Hi Shamiso,

    Sorry you have not had an earlier response to your enquiry.

    The club training nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays at Meadowbank Stadium between 7:00 – 8:30pm for throws. The best thing to do is to turn up there and ask to speak to the head coach Bill Walker who will direct to the appropriate training group.

    If you need more information please use my E-Mail link to the Membership Secretary

  8. I have an 8 year old son who is interested in athletics. Could you advise me please what age he would need to be to join your club ? If he is too young at the moment are there any other clubs you could recommend meantime ? Thank you.

    • H Margaret,

      Unfotunately EAC does not accept members until they are aged nine year. This is more less the case at all athletic clubs. However, all is not lost Edinburgh Leisure do run ‘taster; athelics sessions at Meadowbank to which 8 year olds are welcome. Can I suggest you log into their website at:-

      There you can follow the links to finds out times, dates & costs etc.

      Once your son is approaching 9 years of age please contact our Induction Coordinator – Yvvone Jones, E-Mail:

      She will advise when the next Induction evening is scheduled for and invite you and your son to attend and find out more about EAC and athletics in genral.

      I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish further guidance


      Brian Nisbet

      ‘Membership Secretary’
      Edinburgh Athletic Club

      E-Mail –

      Edinburgh Athletic Club, registered charity, No SC041013

    • Hi Audrey,
      Yes we do have competiive discus throwers at our club and we do have throws coaches available.

      As you do not give any personal details of age etc can I refer you to our head coach, Bill Walker. His E-Mail address is:-
      or alternatively contatc myself with a wee bit more personal info / contact details etc

      Brian Nisbet

      ‘Membership Secretary’
      Edinburgh Athletic Club

      E-Mail –

      Edinburgh Athletic Club, registered charity, No SC041013

      • Hi Brain,
        Thanks for your reply.
        I am an international student from Singapore studying in Edinnburgh university and i’m 20 this year. I used to be a discus thrower, but stopped ever since I left school. I have been looking for opportunities to pick it up again and to find a coach if possible.

        It would be great if you can provide me with more information in this area. Thank you very much!


        • Hi Audrey,
          The club training nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays at Meadowbank Stadium between 7:00 – 8:30pm for throws. The best thing to do is to turn up there and ask to speak to the head coach Bill Walker who will direct you to the appropriate training group.

          Alternatively give him a call Tele: 0131-556-5514 to dicuss.

          Brian Nisbet

          ‘Membership Secretary’
          Edinburgh Athletic Club

          2 Baberton Mains Way, Edinburgh. EH14 3HF
          Tele:0131 442 1109
          E-Mail –

          Edinburgh Athletic Club, registered charity, No SC041013

  9. HI,

    I am 25 and interested in joining for 100m sprints. Does the club train in this area? If not, any advice of such clubs in edinburgh would be appreciated.


    • Hi Kassim,

      Thanks for the enquiry.

      Yes we do have a sprints traning group which is based at Meadowbank.

      Can I ask you to make further contact wih me via the link to the Membership Secretary at the top of this log. If you could provide some more personal details and experience and I will be better placed to direct you to the appropriate coaching group.


      Brian Nisbet
      ‘Membership Secretary’

  10. hi my name is darren thomson and i run for lothian bt am lookin for a group from edinburgh ac to training with in 800mto400m bt i dont no who to talk 2 about the day thy training if anything could u email me at

  11. Hi there,
    I’m 19 and currently at university in Newcastle, but will be home for a minimum of three months in the summer and am very interested in joining the club for participation in 100m sprints and perhaps high jump. would you be able to advise me on what steps to take next and if the club is appropriate for me? thankyou very much!

    • Hi Amy
      I shall pass your enquiry on to Bill Walker, our Chief Coach, who should get back in touch with with the info.

  12. Hello,

    I’m 18, 19 in august. I used to train and compete with an athletics club up north but when I moved to uni I had to stop. I am mainly interested in shot, discus,high jump and hurdles(short distance)I used to compete in the north of Scotland in all these events and also in cross country could you give me more info on training etc.



    • Hi Kaya
      I have sent your enquiry to Bill Walker our Chief Coach who will get back in touch with you

  13. Hi, Do you cater for people who don’t have much experience at running? I run at the gym and outdoors occasionally but haven’t done any training as such. I was thinking of joining the club after the summer. Thanks.

    • Hi Fiona,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      If you contact me via the E-Mail link at the top of this log, and I will be able to E-Mail you contact details etc of appropriate coaches.

      Brian Nisbet
      Membership Secretary

  14. Hi, I hope you can help. My son, who will be 18 next month, is currently a member of an athletics club who have informed him that they no longer have a suitable coach to help him progress further. He currently trains in 100m, 200m and Long Jump. It would seem his option would be to consider joining yourselves if you can offer appropriate coaching and help him reach his potential.
    Thank you in anticipation of your assistance.

    • Hi Gillian,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      If you contact me via the E-Mail link at the top of this log, and I will be able to E-Mail you contact details etc of appropriate coaches.

      Brian Nisbet
      Membership Secretary

  15. hi,
    i used to compete in the 100 and 200 metres until i turned 16, then i quit to play rugby. i am 19 now and really want to go back to sprinting at a reasonable level, do you think i have left it too late to do this at your club? cheers.

  16. hi, I’m 15 and interested in starting athletics, in sprinting, high jump and long jump. I’m new to it and I thought I might come here for it. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Alexander

      I have passed your query on to Bill Walker, or head coach, who should get back in touch with you
      Derek Cogle

  17. I am looking for either a jumps coach, a throws coach and hurdles coach or somebody who does multi-events. Can you help? I should mention that I am 34.

    • Hi Ric,
      Bill Walker is our head coach (Track Convenor)and he can be contacted direct through the link on website contact page.

      Otherwise provide me with your full E-Mail address

      Brian Nisbet
      Membership Secretary