AGM 2017



Date: Monday 20th November 2017
Venue: Meadowbank.
Time: 7.30pm (papers for review prior to the meeting will be available from 7pm)

Fully paid-up members 17 years of age and over as at the Annual General Meeting shall be entitled to vote in the affairs of the Club and to hold Office.

Twenty fully paid-up members, who are eligible to vote, shall form a quorum at any General Meeting.

PURPOSE (6.1):
a) Receive and consider the President’s report.

b) Receive and consider the respective Sub Groups’ reports.

c) Receive and consider the Annual Financial Statement and Independent Examiners report.

d) Elect the Executive Committee and sub Groups and update to Trustees
• Noted vacancies to be considered

e) Appoint independent examiner from out-with the Executive Committee and Sub Groups to examine the books of the Club.

f) Review the classes of membership and the respective annual subscription fees to be paid during the ensuing year.
Updated classes of membership have been put forward:
Membership will be allocated in the following categories:
• Cadet Member – Up to 16 years – No voting rights
• Juvenile Member – Aged 9 – 12 years – Voting rights by proxy
• Junior Member – Aged 13 – 15 years – Voting rights by proxy
• Junior Member – Aged 16 years – Full voting rights
• Senior Member – Aged 17 years and above – Full voting rights
• Associate Member – Full voting rights
• Honorary Life Member – Full voting rights

g) Review the payment of Honoraria recommended by the Executive and vote approval if thought appropriate.

h) Consider any competent proposals, which must have been lodged in writing with the Secretary before the meeting.

1. Resolution for the amendment of condition 6.3 of the existing Constitution and Rules Version 6 dated 22 August 2016
6.3 Fully paid-up members 17 years of age and over as at the Annual General Meeting shall be entitle to vote in the affairs of the Club and to hold office.
6.3 Fully paid-up:
o Junior members aged under 16 years as at the Annual General Meeting to have proxy only voting rights where one parent or guardian are allocated a single proxy vote in the affairs of the club
o Members 16 years of age and over as at the Annual General Meeting shall be entitle to vote or submit a proxy vote in the affairs of the Club and to hold office.

2. EAC way forward –
a) Training facilities update when Meadowbank closes
b) potential for EGM early 2018 to consider becoming a SCIO

i) Consider at the Chairman’s discretion, any other competent business.

• All members of the Executive Committee have put themselves forward for re-election

• Brian Nisbet was co-opted during 2017 to the position of Treasurer, elected by the Executive Committee following the resignation of our previous treasurer and has put his name forward for election as Treasurer

• If Brian is successfully elected as Treasurer that would leave a vacancy in the Finance Sub Group under Membership

• Anyone wishing to put their name forward for ANY of the positions below must do so in writing to the Admin Secretary 7 days in advance of AGM date in accordance with constitution:
5.1 Nominations for election to the Executive Committee must be by members at the Annual General Meeting and only with the agreement of the nominee.

• Vacancies have arisen for:
o Treasurer – Executive have put forward Brian Nisbet
o Admin Secretary –
o Membership –
o Trustees – Executive have proposed Brian Nisbet

Executive Committee:
Honorary President: Barry Craighead
President: Moira Maguire
Vice-President: Yvonne Jones
Treasurer: Vacant

Sub Groups: Current Leaders:
Finance: Brian Nisbet + Vacant
Endurance: Alex McEwan
Coaching: Bill Walker
Facilities: Bill Walker
HR: Yvonne Jones
Events: Moira Nisbet
Communications: Gary Leek

Other supporting Roles:
Admin Secretary: Vacant
Competition Reps: Ann Scott, Enid Johnston & Alex McEwen
Athlete Representatives: Martin Ferguson & Sarah Warnock
Parent Committee Link: Yvonne Jones
General Members: Neil Donachie and Marjory Cook

Bill Walker
Pat Sinclair
Alex MacEwen
Barry Craighead
Yvonne Jones
Moira Maguire

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