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Scottish Athletics Indoor Open January 2017. Don’t miss out- enter early

Scottish Athletics Indoor Open January 2017 There are limited numbers for places so act now before they are gone. Currently the following entries are available. AS of 29.11.16 the following entries are remaining- 60mH – Only 35 entries remaining. 60m – Only 87 entries remaining. 200m – Only 71 entries remaining. 300m – Only…

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30th November 2016

AGM 2016 Monday 21st November

Notice of the AGM to be held on Monday 21st November 2016 At Meadowbank at 7.30pm Papers for review will be available from 7pm prior to the meeting. Full details     FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmail

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5th November 2016

Annual Junior Awards night

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4th November 2016

New Athlete Pathway

The new athlete pathway for the club is below. This will also appear on the club noticeboards at Meadowbank.. It shows what each age group can participate in and whether self entry or selected by the club team management.   FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmail

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10th July 2016

Is Anything Cramping Your Style?

The one thing that most runners have suffered from at some point in training or racing, is exercise related muscle cramp. Most folk have a theory on why it occurs, but in reality, the cause remains poorly understood. Scientists are still arguing over two conflicting theories. Probably the most commonly given explanation is that cramp…

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14th January 2013

Water Water Everywhere……….

As we approach the spring Marathon season, with many runners about to hit high mileage weeks before tapering for the big event, it is a good time to look at the area of hydration, which is an important subject many of you will be concerned with. The whole idea of sports drinks and hydrating properly,…

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11th March 2012

The Beast – A Friend In Disguise

Anyone who has taken part in one of my mile rep sessions, will certainly have heard talk of ‘The Beast’, it is often mentioned when the going gets tough but the newer runners are often wondering who we are talking about! ‘The Beast’ is your inner fear that jumps onto your shoulder during hard workouts…

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5th February 2012

Alternative Training – Pool Running

Garry asked me to write an article on pool running. I didn’t know where to start so I decided just to interview myself! What is pool running? Also known as aqua jogging, essentially it’s running in water up to your neck with the aid of a floatation belt called an ‘aqua jogger’ that you wear around…

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2nd February 2012

Running Efficiency

I was asked recently why I often have runners bounding about like deer and prancing about like show horses (this is obviously referring to running drills). Is it just to give me something to laugh at on cold wet training nights…?   the answer to that is obviously no, although it can sometimes raise a smile!  The real answer…

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4th December 2011

Training – The Periodisation Model

There is an interesting article on the UK Athletics coaching site by John Kiely (UKA Athletic Conditioning Education Lead), re-evaluating the traditional periodisation model. It is well worth a read and can be accessed via the following link   Coaching Periodisation Garry FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmail

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21st November 2011
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