Road Race Grand Prix

Road Race Grand Prix 2018

This is the fourth year of the Grand Prix and it would be great if as many EAC athletes as possible could take part. We pick National and East District championship races as well as other races close to Edinburgh or races that Edinburgh athletes have traditionally targeted, so hopefully races you are thinking of.

How does it work?

Runners must complete at least 5 road races from a list of identified races throughout 2017. These will be known as club championship qualifying races. The list is set out below.

Races will be designated as either Short Races (5k; 5mile); Medium Races (10k; 10mile) or Long Races (half marathon; marathon).

In order to qualify for the overall championship runners MUST complete a race from each of these categories, plus any two other races, as long as they are on the list of approved races.

You can race as much as you like and only your best times will count!

You can do your races in any order, so medium race, followed by a short race, then another short race, a long race, and then another medium.

How you do it is up to you and your training programme – just so long as you do at least one race from each category, plus another 2 races.

How do you score points?

Points are scored based on the time you run in a race. The faster you run, the more points you score. Simples.

A link to the scoring chart is here.

For example if you run a 5k in 18.46 you will score 103 points. If you run 37.10 in a 10k you will score 111points.

Owing to the distance of the short and long laps of National Road relays being slightly off 5k and 10k – we have a special scoring system to reflect this in this race.

You will also get 2 bonus points for every Scottish Road Race Championship you complete (these are highlighted in bold below).

How do you win?

The person with the most points scored from their 5 qualifying race at the end of the season will be the winner.

There will be prizes for the first three males and first three females. There will also be a prize for first place V40, V50, V60 male and female.

Prizes will be presented at the Annual Christmas party.

Age Category

Your age category is decided on the first race of the Grand Prix, which this year is the KB5 and Cupar 5 mile races. So, even if you turn 40 the day after the KB5 you would be classed as a Senior for the year.

This year’s confirmed races (other races will be added as they are confirmed):

  • KB5 Road Race (short) – 03 March
  • Cupar 5 Mile Road Race (short) – 03 March
  • Lasswade 10 mile Road Race (Medium) – 04 March
  • Inverness Half Marathon (Long) – 11 March
  • Alloa Half Marathon (long) – 18 March
  • National Stage Road Relay Champs (Short/Medium) – 25 March
  • Tom Scott 10 mile (medium) – 01 April
  • Grangemouth 10k (Medium) – 08 April
  • Dunbar 10k (Medium) – 14 April
  • London Marathon (long) – April
  • Stirling Marathon (Long) – 29 April
  • R&B: Silverknowes 5k (short) – 04 May
  • Penicuik 10k (Medium) – 12 May
  • Loch Leven Half (Long) – 12 May
  • EMF 5k, 10k, Half, Marathon (Short, Medium, Long) – 26/17 May
  • Musselburgh 10k (Medium) – 21 July
  • Stirling 10k (Medium) – TBC September
  • Loch Ness Marathon (Long) – 23 September
  • Great Scottish Half (Long) – 30 September

**Times for any IAAF measured road marathon run between 1st March and 31st October 2017 may be included by runners – if you email your race result to **

If you have any questions or would like to discuss then please get in touch with Richard Meade on

Road Race Grand Prix 2018 Results

After a long Spring, Summer and Winter we have our final Grand Prix tables and it is great to see two new champions. Mike Christoforou has ended Neil Renault’s three-year reign at the top and Katie Bain has become the fourth female winner in 4 years. John ‘Yogi’ Blair has also ended the three-year reign of Dave Cross to take the V50 crown and Jim Scott has ended the three-year reign of Eric Stevenson. So, all Change in the Men. Jacqui Ranger has retained her V40 championship, and Karen Dobbie has followed up her V40 championship from 2015 with a V50 championship this year.

Thanks to everyone who took part and made the effort to complete all five races.

You can view the full spreadsheets here:


Women HERE

If you notice any mistakes please let me know before Wednesday 12th December 2018, otherwise tables will be final.

Email me at

Road Race Grand Prix – Final Table 2018 – Men

Position Athlete Age Category Number of Events Total Award
1 Mike Christoforou Sen 5 708 Champion
2 Neil Renault Sen 5 679
3 Leon Johnson V40 5 664 V40 Champion
4 Stuart Johnston Sen 5 647
5 Iain MacDonald Sen 5 633
6 John Blair V50 5 611 V50 Champion
7 Peter Simpson Sen 5 579
8 David Cross V50 5 550
9 Scott Henderson V40 5 538
10 Andrew Latham V50 5 529
11 Lewis Orr V40 5 509
12 Christopher Hartles Sen 5 481
13 Malcolm Parry V40 5 468
14 Rick Clark V40 5 434
15 Jim Scott V60 5 429 V60 Champion
16 Eric Stevenson V60 5 323
17 Brian Howie V60 5 202

Road Race Grand Prix – Final Table 2018 – Women

Position Athlete Age Category Numbers of Events Total Award
1 Katie Bain Sen 5 554 Champion
2 Jacqueline Rainger V40 5 512 V40 Champion
3 Nikki Gibson Sen 5 499
4 Lyndsay Fraser V40 5 489
5 Hannah Waugh Sen 5 421
6 Karen Dobbie V50 5 405 V50 Champion
7 Claire Mitchell Sen 5 252
8 Ruth Saint Sen 5 202







EAC Road Race Grand Prix Provisional Results for 2017


***Please note results are provisional until final scrutiny period has been concluded**

Neil Renault made it three in a row as he won the EAC Road Race Grand Prix in the Men’s race.

Nikki Gibson won her first title in the women’s race in an incredibly narrow finish beating Jacqueline Ranger by just three points, but Jacqueline picks up the V40 title. Both passed long-time leader, Lyndsay Fraser in the last month of the Grand Prix who went on to finish 3rd overall. There was a slight increase in the number of women successfully completing 5 races this year, which was great to see.

Only 15 points separated 2nd to 7th in the men’s race, as a late surge of great results from John Lenehan saw him surge to second place. Iain Whitaker held on to third following injury hampered second half of the season to follow-up his podium place last year. Michael Fullerton marked his dream off season transfer from Portobello to Edinburgh by picking up the V40 championship narrowly ahead of Richard Cockbain. Renault wasn’t the only three in a rower, David Cross and Eric Stevenson both enjoyed their third title for the V50s and V60s respectively. Twenty guys completed the full 5 races.

Well done to all who took part. Prizes will be given out at the Endurance Christmas Night Out on Saturday the 9th December.

It would be great if you could check the attached spread sheets and make sure I have not missed any of your results off or got any mistakes.

Any mistakes/errors must be sent to by Sunday 3rd December. Final Results will be confirmed after that.

* Please note your age category is taken from 1st March and applies for the whole Grand Prix

  • Men’s Provisional 2017 Table HERE
  • Women’s Provisional 2017 Table HERE

Men’s Provisional Table


Position Athlete Age Category Num of Events Total
1 Neil Renault Sen 5 700
2 John Lenehan Sen 5 668
3 Iain Whitaker Sen 5 662
4 Iain MacDonald Sen 5 660
5 Stuart Johnston Sen 5 657
6 Richard Meade Sen 5 654
7 Leon Johnson Sen 5 653
8 Ross McGhie Sen 5 609
9 Michael Fullerton V40 5 606
10 Richard Cockbain V40 5 599
11 Nairn McWilliams Sen 5 590
12 Iain Craven Sen 5 586
13 John Mowbray Sen 5 566
14 Peter Simpson Sen 5 552
15 David Cross V50 5 547
16 Andrew Latham V50 5 528
17 Christopher Hartles Sen 5 481
18 Steve Ingledew Sen 5 466
19 Mike Barton V40 5 426
20 Eric Stevenson V60 5 329
V40 Michael Fullerton 5 606
V50 David Cross 5 547
V60 Eric Stevenson 5 329

Women’s Provisional Table

Position Athlete Age Category Num of Events Total
1 Nikki Gibson Sen 5 487
2 Jacqueline Ranger V40 5 484
3 Lyndsay Fraser V40 5 461
4 Kathleen Dempsey Sen 5 459
5 Emma Baker Sen 5 454
6 Martha Keith-Barnett Sen 5 412
7 Sarah Cadenas Sen 5 318
8 Claire Mitchell V40 5 189
V40 Jacqueline Ranger 5 484

Previous Results can be found here:



Any questions, then please get in touch with Richard Meade:

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