Peter Hoffmann- A life in a day in a year

This book would be good for up and coming 400/800m athletes to read.

Peter was a member of EAC and ran for Great Britain, made Commonwealth Games and selected for the Olympics. Peter won silver at the European Junior Championships over 400m.

He lays out his training and thoughts in the book, although not in a chronological order but shows the onus is on the athlete to be determined if they want to reach their goals.

You can purchase a copy on Amazon HERE

2 thoughts on ““Peter Hoffmann- A life in a day in a year”

  • Peter Hoffmann

    Thanks for the feature. The entries in the book are based on extracts from the detailed journals and training diaries I kept at the time, so are true to my thoughts aged 16-21-I’m now 61 so they’ve developed slightly! I’m not an academic; nor a coach; or a scientist etc. but one of the outcomes from undertaking the project is I do have a very clear idea of what it takes for athletes to run fast and to achieve one’s potential for sprints and 800 metres-and not just the technical. If the club is ever putting on a training weekend etc. I’d be happy to come along and ‘do’ a 15 minute spot to sharie my thoughts if that would be of any benefit. Thanks again. Best, Peter Hoffmann

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