Queens Drive 5k Road Race – 16/12/12

A reminder that this year the EAC organised Queens Drive Road Race round Holyrood Park is at 1pm THIS Sunday 16th December 2012 (over 15’s only), entry fee £3 for club runners, £5 for unattached runners. It is entry on the day, just turn up and sign up, at Chancellors Court (within the University of Edinburgh’s Pollock Halls).

Details of the race can be downloaded here:  Queens Drive 5K Road Race

Also in many peoples Christmas schedule is the Portobello Promathon, the 4 mile race on New Years Day. Please note that the Portobello Indoor Bowling Centre is now the race base for this and it is pre-entry only for this one, via entry central  http://www.entrycentral.com/

8 thoughts on ““Queens Drive 5k Road Race – 16/12/12”

  • Alex MacEwen

    Over 60 athletes competed in times ranging from 16 to 30 minutes .Thank you for your support.A big thanks to all volunteers who prepared and stewarded the course,all officials and the registration and award team. we had the club president and Vice President helping and it was god to see some old friends on the course Happy holidays.

    • Sarah

      Thanks to everyone who was involved organising the race, it was a great event !
      Just wondering if results/photos will be put online at some point?
      Thanks again for an excellent race!

  • Liam McCabe

    A great event well organised, friendly and welcoming. A good contingent from Central AC (Senior Males Codgers division -honours to Robert Hutchison); plus a Waterhouse mother and daughter combo. The indomitable Jane and Clare the latter who confessed to enjoying her running again. Well done to all. Finally, our coach having to live down being pipped by Alex Jackson! Well done Alex. Hope Derek wont take it out on us at the sessions next week!

    • Alex Jackson

      Coming ahead of Derek Easton must rank right up there is my race career highlights.
      It would have been no contest 20 years ago…

      Well done EAC on a well organised race which deserves a bigger field

  • Callum Reid

    Thank-you EAC for such an enjoyable and well organised race on Sunday! Thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back next year to compete again. I noticed a couple of photographers on route, does anyone have a link to the photos if there’re ready?



  • Garry Post author

    Oops, sorry, someone sent the results to Scottish Athletics but forgot to send then to their own website! Results are now below:

    EAC QUEENS DRIVE RACE 16 December 2012


    1 Patryk GierJatowicz Edin Univ SM 17.26
    2 John Blair EAC MV 17.47
    3 Callum Reid HELP SM 17.59
    4 Peter Avens Penicuik H SM 18.12
    5 Joel Enoch EAC SM 18.46
    6 Willie Jarvie Portobello MV 18.47
    7 Laura Dunn EAC L 18.5O
    8 Nicolas Wolverson Unat SM 19.22
    9 Ken Mortimer EAC MV 19.26
    10 Roy Mitchell EAC MV 19.33
    11 Ian Steel EAC MV 19.4O
    12 Martin Ferguson EAC MV 19.42
    13 Stuart MacNee HBT SM 19.56
    14 Sarah Watson Edin Univ L 19.58
    15 Ian Shaw Ferranti MV 20.01
    16 Robert Hutchison Central AC MV 20.04
    17 Rachel Dunn EAC L 20.11
    18 Scott Mackenzie EAC SM 20.15
    19 Liam McCabe Central AC MV 20.16
    20 Reece Taylor Unat SM 20.27
    21 Mark Horne EAC SM 20.31
    22 Hugh Buchanan Central AC MV 20.35
    23 Kirstin Maxwell Edin Univ L 20.4O
    24 Hazel Smith EAC L 20.54
    25 Kevin Anderson Penicuik H MV 20.54
    26 Craig Hunter HBT MV 20.58
    27 Heather Langhan EAC L 21.OO
    28 Claire Houston Central AC L 21.16
    29 Paul Caban Ferranti MV 21.19
    30 MarkMalcolm-Smith Musselburgh MV 21.39
    31 Stewart Walters EAC MV 21.54
    32 Andy Latham EAC MV 21.56
    33 Duncan Baker HBT MV 22.08
    34 Sharon Ramage EAC LV 22.19
    35 Claire Gilchrist Ferranti L 22.42
    36 Guillermo Mumoz Unat SM 23.OO
    37 Lee Ansett Jog Scot SM 23.08
    38 Jane Waterhouse Central AC LV 23.11
    39 Keith Weston Ferranti MV 23.22
    40 Cameron Campbell Central AC MV 23.25
    41 Sandy Wallace HELP MV 23.38
    42 Colin Ledlie Unat SM 23.5O
    43 Allan Brownie Unat MV 24.01
    44 Kerry Gunn-Russell Nike Run Club SM 24.09
    45 Julia Brewer Ferranti L 24.15
    46 Pamela Whitlie Carnethy L 24.36
    47 Marietta Beal EAC L 24.53
    48 Eric Stevenson EAC MV 25.06
    49 Bill Gault Central AC MV 25.29
    50 John Forker Portobello MV 25.45
    51 Louise Trevillion Penicuik H LV 25.47
    52 Fred McCain HELP MV 25.54
    53 Alex Jackson Ferranti MV 26.3O
    54 Derek Easton Central AC MV 26.34
    55 Eddie McDonald Ferranti MV 26.38
    56 Betty Gilchrist Ferranti LV 27.07
    57 Kidd Edin Triathletes MV 28.45
    58 John Gavin Ferranti MV 30.24
    59 Amy Longley-Cook Edin Univ L 31.02
    60 Vicky Lyon Penicuik H L 32.19
    61 James Semple Unat SM 32.35

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