Run & Become 5km

Just how do Run and Become arrange the perfect weather for these great little training sessions?  I decided to give it a bash despite having had a couple of hard training sessions over the last few days.  To say I was tired was being polite.  However, a good hard run to blow out the cobwebs doesn’t hurt anyone.  As usual, the organisation of the event was slick and ran to perfect time.  The weather was absolutely ideal for the race.  A few of the EAC gang turned out – Garry (I always give my excuses at the start of the race) Robertson and Roger (I can’t wait to move up an age category) Alsop.  I found myself at the head of the startline and could only watch as Rosie Smith (Edinburgh Uni) blew the field away in the first lap.  I think she finished 7th overall!!  An amazing talent.  Claire Ward was next to come past me and due to feeling rough I couldn’t respond.  I managed to hang onto 3rd place and widened the gap between me and Hannah Waugh from our last race which was only 1 second!  Still, I ran a season’s best so have to be pleased with that.

See you all next week for the 2 miler?

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