Scottish Primary Schools Cross Country Championships

 Kirkcaldy – 26 April 2008
Congratulations to the following athletes who took part in the Scottish Primary Schools Cross Country Championships:-

Primary 6   Boys Josh Kerr 1st Race 1  and fastest overall  (out of 261 athletes)
  Patrick Ryan 1st Race 2 and 5th overall (out of 261 athletes)
  Dominic O’Hare 4th Race 2 and 10th overall (out of 261 athletes)
Primary 7 Girls Alex Hunter 1st Race 2 and 3rd overall  (out of 265 athletes)
  Kirsty McKean   6th Race 1 and 12th overall  (out of 265 athletes)
Primary 7 Boys  Robert Brough   3rd Race 1 and 3rd overall (out of 298 athletes)
  Jake Kerr          6th Race 1 and 6th overall (out of 298 athletes)
  Jack Harrison    1st Race 1 and 8th overall (out of 298 athletes)

Full results available on
(Keith Ridley)

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