Bert Farmer Paarlauf 2020 Results

VAR analysis has been completed and following close inspection of a few “slightly wide” changeovers I’ve pleased to say Sam MacNeil and Andrew Latham have been crowned this years Champions after chucking passing the virtual baton between themselves most efficiently to cover the distance in a very impressive 31:32 – joking aside well done on a great run guys and congratulations on taking home a very worthy win.

Close battle for second place, with a sensational last leg from Michael Fullerton seeing him and John James Hancock edge out Min Ke and Stuart Johnston for the silver medal by just 5 seconds.

Most importantly everything seems to run smoothly over 2 races, with almost 60 runners ticking off lap after lap with no issues.

Personal thanks from Me, Alex and Garry for everyone who helped make it a success – too many volunteers to name, but the fact there were dozens of you stood in the rain for 2 or 3 hours smiling for all that time speaks volumes.

Have a good Christmas everyone and fingers crossed we can look forward to some more actual racing next year.
Peter Simpson

Race 1
Sam MacNeil & Andrew Latham 31:32
John Hancock & Michael Fullerton 32:02
Stuart Johnston & Min Ke 32:07
Kevin Hamilton & Elaine Eadie 32:32
Lauren Wilson & Dani Rivera 32:38
Gavin Philip & Andrew Taylor 33:11
Lewis Renton & Iain Craven 33:28
Laura Kyle & Robin Kyle 33:43
Mark MacDermot & Dougie Gowan 33:47
Finlay Gidden & Izzy Joiner 33:57
Jesse Cummings & Maria Stirling 35:01
Michael Barton & Myles Bax 35:12
Tony Doyle & Dave Clements 36:05

Race 2
Richard Clark & Tom Leeman 34:20
Karel Vesely & Mhairi Ferguson 34:35
Morven MacAllister & Richard Meade 35:41
Karen Dobbie & John Mowbray 35:55
Caitlin Cole & Lucy Marshall 36:12
Deborah Gilliland & Alice Hosking 36:24
Kirsty Watson & Amy Vincent 36:25
Peter Simpson & Shona Adam 37:08
Kirk Ollason & Adam MacLay 37:23
Becca Frake & Sharyn Ramage 37:33
Savannah Kelley & Victoria Baillie 38:26
David MacLean & Lewis Orr 39:29
Sinead Gallagher & Cath Ferry 40:14
Iain MacDonald & Sheila MacAllister 40:27

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