Allan Scally Relays

Allan Scally Road Relays: Massive thanks and well done to Iain Whitaker and ┬áKevin Hamilton for organising – no easy task – getting names, collecting money, picking teams, re-shuffling teams due to late non-availability, co-ordinating teams and numbers before the race, and running themselves as well. Thanks also to Richard Michael Clark for the food – missed that over the last 2 years. Some great running – Bethany Ansell in top 3 overall fastest females, Leon Johnson fastest V40, Callum Reid fastest EAC male. The Allan Scally relays is a great day out, perfect conditions today.
John Lenahan

Team Results

7th Callum Reid (15:30), Mark MacDermot (16:17), Ian Whitaker (16:17), John Lenehan (15:40)

24th  Iain MacDonald (16:33), Sean Eng (17:31), Matt Davies (17.50), Max Meres (16:29)

44th  (1st M40 team)Leon Johnson (15:38), Michael Fullerton (17:11), Iain Craven  (17:59), Patrick Fenn (22:01)

73rd (M50) Andrew Latham (18:55), Jim Scott (20:57), Chris Creggan (20:09), Gavin Phillips (19:24)

Only 3 Runners
Kevin Hamilton (17:11), Peter Graham (18:36), Richard Clark (21:14)

75th (4th Female Team) Bethany Ansell (16:33), Lucy Marshall (20:44), Leanne Calder (22:21), Carolyn Cameron (19:58)

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