Arctic Ocean Virtual Relay

Sri Chinmoy 3 x  1 mile Arctic Ocean Virtual Relay Well done to all our athletes who took part in the Sri Chinmoy virtual relay., with many finishing with a podium place. All Female 1st “Cameron’s and Cox” , Chloe Cox, Hannah Cameron, Carolyn Cameron 2nd “EAC High Vis”,  Victoria Ballie, Isla  Scott-Pearce, Sarah Douglas…

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2nd July 2020

EAC Virtual 13.1K (half marathon)

EAC Virtual GP Race 5 (13.1k): Final Results Race Report “I’m so glad that’s over, but I’m so glad I did it”. Does that sum up how you felt after the 13.1k? If it does welcome to the crowd – pretty sure lines of that effect were included in around half of the 58 submission…

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23rd June 2020

Dawn To Dusk Relay Challenge

An  EAC challenge… A Dawn to Dusk BYOB (bring your own batton) Relay, wearing club vests and  everyone running 30 minutes (at any pace you wish) on the 20th June, the longest day of the year. The relay started at 5am and everyone was allocated a 30 minute slot keeping  the relay going until 9.30pm.…

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22nd June 2020

Meet the coach – Alex MacEwen

Alex and Garry Robertson are the lead endurance coaches at Edinburgh AC. Interviewing Alex is a bit of coup! He’s one of the most modest men I’ve ever met and he listens more than he talks so getting his thoughts down on paper has been a real treat. Alex has been an incredibly positive influence…

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15th June 2020

A Tale of 3 Marathons: My 12 month journey from Coma to PB

Marathon 1 London Marathon (28 Apr 2019) Result: Did Not Finish (DNF) Marathon 2 Loch Rannoch Marathon (13 Oct 2019) Result: 2:54:18 Marathon 3 “Virtual” Meadows Marathon (26 Apr 2020) Result: 2:48:41 The finishing times of the 3 marathons I ran between April 2019 and April 2020 don’t look particularly interesting in isolation – failed…

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14th June 2020

Edinburgh AC Virtual 2 Miles

EAC Grand Prix Race 4 – Final Results Race ReportIntense heat, sunshine,warmness, coldness, deceptive wind and unexpected rain – a Scottish week really can throw every weather symbol on the map at you, and each seemed to find itself on an excuse list somewhere as the results submissions filtered their way in to my inbox …

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11th June 2020

Edinburgh AC Virtual 10K

EAC Grand Prix: 10k Race 3 – Final Results The number crunching is done for another weekend and the 10k results have now been finalised. There is another nice variety of routes covered by a highly impressive 65 participants, with a good mix of max efforts, tempos, fartleks and fun running which was great to…

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25th May 2020

Interviews with 4 of our Athletes

Thanks to Pippa Carcas, Elaine Eadie, Iain Macdonald and Sue Ridley for sharing with us their insight and  experiences of their Cross Country season. Elaine Eadie, EAC female Cross-Country Grand Prix winner 2019-2020:I moved to Edinburgh from the West in 2019 and my first task was to find a running club. I definitely made the…

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18th May 2020

Edinburgh AC Seniors Report Winter 2019-2020

The Following is a report from John Lenehan which was published in the Edinburgh Evening News. Edinburgh Athletic Club’s senior athletes had a successful winter 2019-2020 cross-country season, winning national titles, awards and medals aplenty. The 10-race season began in October 2019 and reached its climax in March 2020, just before the Coronavirus outbreak put…

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18th May 2020

Scottish Athletics Virtual 1 Mile

Last weekend, 40 EAC athletes tested themselves over a virtual mile. Well done to all – some great results below, out of a total field of around 1250 entrants. Joe Ewing: 2nd male (4:16) Hannah Cameron: 2nd female (5:01) Katie Johnson: 1st U15G (5:15) Men: 2nd team Female: 2nd team Masters Men: 3rd team Full…

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17th May 2020

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