Club Executive Meeting

The executive Committee is meeting Geoff Wightman on Monday 16th November to discuss issues of concern re Scottish Athletics

Points to be raised are listed below.
If you have any comments or points you wish to be discussed  please contact Pat Sinclair  by noon on Monday 16th November

1.  Notice of AGM – has to be sent to clubs 42 days before but proposals have to be in 60 days before – there are 2 sets of Articles on the website the old one does not specify a time for proposals to be in.  Clubs should be given more than 60 days notice.  Clubs could be notified as soon as the date is set.

 2.  A quorum of 25 mandated delegates is required – does this include proxies?

3. 6 year plan – clubs were not consulted they were given a fait accompli – we feel that clubs should be more involved in developing SAL policies

 4.  We wish to propose the reinstatement of district Champs and proper events for U13  – we believe the Super Teams is an unsuitable substitute – it is not held within UKA rules and could be transferred to an open graded meeting.  Last year our best U13 girl competed in the North District Champs.  U13’s are eligible to compete in U15 events but last year the most promising U13 in Scotland, Katie Purves was refused an entry (she would have competed in the UK U15 if she had not been injured)

We were also told we could not put an U13 in an U15 Relay team – this is against UKA rules and counter productive for the athletes. Smaller clubs could benefit from putting U13’s in with U15’s and U17’s in with Seniors.

 5.  Last year there was unnecessary fixture clash – Flanders Cup (which was not an international but an open event) versus BAL and UKWAL. The league fixtures were made well in advance and had selected a date that SAL thought of for the Senior Champs – therefore the Flanders Cup was obviously an afterthought and was unnecessary. It probably cost Glasgow their place in Div 2 of the UKWAL.

 6. We are concerned that a number of top Scottish Athletes are being lured down South by financial inducements – we don’t know if SAL can do anything about this but obviously the English Clubs do not pay SAL for these athletes but the athletes continue to benefit from SAL – should they receive funding from the Institute if they are not members of Scottish Clubs?

 7. As you know Edinburgh AC has been relegated from the BAL – we are therefore considering the option of forming a new club similar to Glasgow City AC and would be looking for SAL’s support in this matter. If it were a first claim club for BAL only would athletes be able to compete for their ‘second claim’ club in Scottish championships.

 8.  Athletes are being asked to compete in trials on 2nd Dec for selection for the Regional Champs in Feb – some athletes might not want to compete until Feb – if we still had District Champs that would not be a problem.

 9.  Lack of Coach Education – there are no courses available above level 1 – when are Level 2 courses going to be available – we have the 5 LDC coaches waiting.

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