Indoor League

The Final of the Scottish Indoor League takes place in the Emirates Arena in Glasgow on Sunday 20th March
Only “6” teams are in the final in each age group (ie 6 athletes per event) and there are medals for the first 3 teams.
We have teams in all age groups, well done to all those who qualified.
The relay is a separate event with heats and finals and medals

If you are not getting the bus through,  please ensure you are there at least an hour before your event  and ensure you declare in plenty of time, with only 6 athletes per event the programme should move on quickly and the times may alter.

Bus leaves Meadowbank sharp 9.45 picking up at Fabios restaurant on main road at the bus stop past the garage at 10.00

I am hoping that we can all sit together athletes and supporters at the final to cheer on our teams!

12:00 4 x 200m Relay Heats/Finals

 Track – straight                                                                        Field

14:00 60m A String U11G                                                  12:30 Long Jump U13B

14:03 60m B String U11G                                                  12:30 Shot Putt U17M

14:06 60m U13G                                                                12.30 Shot Putt U20M

14:09 60m U15G                                                                13:00 High Jump U13G

14:12 60m U17W                                                                13:00Long Jump U15B

14:15 60m U20W                                                                13:00 High Jump U15G

14:20 60m A String U11B                                                   13:00 High Jump U17W

14:23 60m B String U11B                                                   13:00 High Jump U20W

14:26 60m U13B                                                                 13:30 Long Jump U17M

14:29 60m U15B                                                                 13:30Shot Putt U17W

14:32 60m U17M                                                                13:30 Long Jump U20M

14:35 60m U20M                                                                13:30 Shot Putt U20W

15:00 60m Hurdles U13G                                                   14:15 Shot Putt U15B

15:05 60m Hurdles U15G                                                   14:15 Long Jump U17W

15:10 60m Hurdles U13B                                                   14:15 Long Jump U20W

15:20 60m Hurdles U17W                                                  14:15 Shot Putt U13B

15:25 60m Hurdles U15B                                                   15:30 Long Jump U15G

15:30 60m Hurdles U20W                                                  15:00 Shot Putt U15G

15:40 60m Hurdles U17M                                                  15:00 High Jump U13B

15:45 60m Hurdles U20M                                                  15:00 High Jump U15B

15:00High Jump U17M

Track – circular                                    15:00High Jump U20M

14:40 800m U17W                                                              15:00 Long Jump U13G

14:45 800m U17M                                                              15:30 Shot Putt U13G

14:50 800m U20W                                                              16:00Standing Long Jump U11G

14:55 800m U20M                                                              16:00Triple Jump U17M

15:20 600m A String                                                           U11G 16:00Triple Jump U20M

15:25 600m B String                                                           U11G 16:30Standing Long Jump U11B

15:30 600m A String                                                           U11B 16:30Triple Jump U17W

15:35 600m B String                                                           U11B 16:30Triple Jump U20W


Track – circular

16:00 800m U13G

16:05 800m U13B

16:10 800m U15G

16:15 800m U15B

16:20 200m U13G

16:24 200m U15G

16:28 200m U17W

16:32 200m U20W

16:35 200m U13B

16:38 200m U15B

16:41 200m U17M

16:47 200m U20M

16:50 300m U17W

16:55 300m U15G

17:00 400m U15B

17:05 400m U17M

17:10 400m U20W

17:15 400m U20M

17:20 Relay finals (as required)

17:45 Prizegiving



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