Membership info 2020

Membership Application Guidance Notes 2020

Edinburgh Athletic Club welcomes membership applications from any person irrespective of their age, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, occupation, or political or other beliefs.

  1. Membership Categories
Membership Category Description Annual Subscription Fee
Senior 17 years or over  including U/20, U/23 & Vets £80
Junior U/13, U/15 & U/17 £80
Juvenile U/11 and younger £80
Family 3 or more Immediate Family was are ‘Active’ EAC Club members £190
Cadet U/11 – U/17 Sessional Member £10 per month
Associate Non-Competing Coach, Official & Helper Free or voluntary donation
Friends of  EAC Non-Competing Supporter / Sponsor Donation
Life Member By Club Executive Recommendation & Approval Free
  • New Members

A subscription fee is payable on joining the club and on the 1st January each year thereafter. The following criteria will apply to the rates payable dependent on the date of joining:

Date of Joining Subscription Fee Payable
Between 1st January – 30th June (Inclusive) Full Annual Subscription Fee for appropriate category
Between 1st July – 30 September (Inclusive) 50% of Annual Subscription Fee for appropriate category
Between 1st October – 31st December (Inclusive) Full Annual Subscription Fee, however the subscription period is extended to carry over until 31st December of the following year.

Prospective new members should in the first instance contact the Membership Secretary who will facilitate them with access to the online membership registration process. Applications from those in the Junior or Juvenile category will initially be directed to the Induction Coordinator as we currently have waiting lists in these age groups.  When appropriate they will be invited to attend an Induction Evening. Hard copy application forms are still acceptable and are available as a download from the club website at However, please note that online or direct bank transfers are preferred.  

  • Membership Renewal

The annual subscription fees are payable on the 1st January each year. Due notice of renewal will be posted on the Club web site and it is each members responsibility to renew their membership timeously. Those who have not done so by 28th January each year will receive a reminder notice by E-mail or post.

Members whose subscription fees are still outstanding on 28th February will receive a further reminder, and may have their membership suspended. Consequently they may not be eligible for selection to any of the club’s teams or to enter under the name of Edinburgh Athletic Club, any individual championship event run by Scottish Athletics Ltd (SAL) or United Kingdom Athletics (UKA).

Due to the considerable amount of time and effort expended on ‘chasing up’ those who had failed to renew their membership in the approved timescale a ‘late payment’ levy of £5.00 will be charged, where the membership renewal subscription is not received by 31st March.

Where membership subscriptions renewals are still outstanding on 30th June, 2020, all those concerned will be sent a ‘recorded delivery’ letter advising them that continued non-payment will result in their membership of the club being terminated.

Please note that annual membership renewal will not be automatic and subject to the approval of executive committee. Edinburgh Athletic Club is an active competing club.  We expect athletes to compete in competitions appropriate to their events and abilities and when selected to represent the club in any team event. Failure to do so may impact on your membership renewal application.

Membership Renewal application forms are available as a download from the club website at the Membership Documents’ page.

4.       Age Groups for Season 2020

Senior (except as under)
Under 20 (Aged 17 or over on 31/08/2020 but under 20 on 31/12/2020)
Under 17 (Aged 15 or 16 on 31/08/2020)
Under 15 (Aged 13 or 14 on 31/08/2020)
Under 13 (Aged 11 or 12 on 31/08/2020)
Under 11 (Aged 10 or under on 31/08/2020)
  • 1st / 2nd Claim

If you are new to athletics, or currently not a member of another athletic club, your membership status with Edinburgh Athletic Club will be recognised as “1st Claim”. If you are already a member of another athletic club you can still join Edinburgh Athletic Club as a “2nd Claim” athlete. Your 1st or 2nd claim status is very important as it determines what competitions you are eligible to individually enter and what club you can represent in league matches. It is therefore extremely important that you discuss this issue with coaching / management staff in both your old and new club before submitting your application.

  • Application  / Registration Form

It is important that you complete ALL SECTIONS of the application / online registration form whether you are joining as a new member or a renewing current member. This the most effective way of ensuring that all information held about you is accurate and up to date and that the club is complying with it’s legal obligations. Please read Edinburgh Athletic Club – Membership Privacy Notice >>>HERE

  • SAL Affiliation Fee

The club is affiliated to Scottish Athletics Limited (SAL) and is required to pay an annual affiliation fee for each competing athlete. This is included in your annual subscription fee. This share of the affiliation fee is NOT your membership to Scottish Athletics Ltd.  Athletes must register separately with S.A.L. and pay the appropriate individual registration fee if they wish to compete in any event organised under the auspices of SAL.  You can download a membership application from the Scottish Athletics web site. Any queries regarding membership should be made to Scottish Athletics Ltd Tel. No. 0131-476-7321.

  • Communication

The main forms of communication within the club are by means of E-Mail and the club website. This is primarily because it is more efficient and more cost effective.

E-Mail:   In order to facilitate E-Mail it is important that you include your personal E-Mail address in the membership application / registration form. In the case of Junior and Juvenile members you should ensure a family or adult E-Mail address is the ‘Main’ contact address with the ‘Additional’ E-Mail section being used to show the personal E-Mail address of the Junior / Juvenile member.

Web Site:  The club web site is an excellent means of keeping abreast of what’s happening in and around the club. It is updated on an almost daily basis and should be checked regularly if you want to keep up to date with past and future events. There is no excuse for not knowing what is going on.

  • Code of Conduct

Edinburgh Athletic Club operates a Code of Conduct which is applicable to all Club Members. You are required to complete the appropriate form ie. ‘Athletes Code of Conduct’ (for all members aged 17 years or over) or ‘Parent / Carer Code of Conduct’ (for all members under 17 years of age). You should also sign and date a copy and return it to one of the club officials / coaches or Membership Secretary. These forms are available as a download from the club website If you do not have access to a computer simply contact the Membership Secretary who will post one out to you.

  • EAC Membership No.      

Each member is allocated a unique EAC Membership No. which will be recorded in your personal online membership account and on the printable membership card accessible from the same account.

  1. Change of Circumstances

If, during the season there are changes to your personal circumstances, in particular your contact details, please login into your personal online membership account and make the necessary changes. Alternatively notify the Membership Secretary, otherwise it will prove difficult to keep you updated.

  1. Terminating Membership

Once you become a member of the club your membership will remain in place until you resign by letter or E-Mail to the Membership Secretary and this is accepted by the Executive Committee.

  1. Volunteers  / Helpers

Edinburgh Athletic Club is run by volunteers and as part of your membership, you may be asked and expected to assist those volunteers in some capacity throughout the season.  The kinds of duties are likely to include stewarding at Road or Cross Country Races.  Parents / guardians of Junior & Juvenile members may be asked to assist with tasks such as assisting team managers at League meetings, assisting coaches on training nights, stewarding at Road or Cross Country Races or other small administration tasks. Please remember the club is are trying to provide the best possible training and competition environment for you and your child to achieve the best they can and enjoy the sport.

13.     Payment Subscription Renewals – Can now be paid by the following methods:-

  1. Online via your personal membership account powered by ‘LoveAdmin’. (This is our preferred method) Simply log into your personal membership account >>> HERE and follow the onscreen instructions. If you have not received notification of your personal account log-in details please contact the membership secretary:-
  2. By completing a Direct BACS Transfer. Bank details found >>> HERE
  3. By Cash or Cheque accompanied by a membership application form which is available >>> HERE

If you elect to pay by cash please hand it and the membership application form to your coach who will arrange for it to be forwarded to the Membership Secretary. If paying by a previously set up Bank Standing Order or BACS transfer, please ensure you include all relevant information and your EAC Membership No in the reference section. This can be found in your personal online membership account.

New Member Applications – Can also be paid by the above methods, but only after the application registration has been approved and an invitation to pay subscriptions has been issued.

14.     Gift Aid    – Edinburgh Athletic Club is a registered Scottish Charity. If you are a tax payer we can claim ‘Gift Aid’ on any donation made in respect of the ‘Associate’ and ‘Friends of EAC’ membership categories. Simply tick the appropriate  box.


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