Robertson Trophy 2015 – Meadows 5k Road Race 22/8/15

handicaptrophy01My thanks to all recorders and results team ,
Catering by Andy “ birthday boy” Latham and stewards led by Field Marshall Lyndsay .
A big thank you to BROOKS SHOES for their generous prizes and Gazebo.
A big thank you to local brewery Barneys Beer for the drink station.
Thanks to Alan Ramage photography .
Well done you all.

Dave Steele was the worthy winner of the Robertson Trophy, being first EAC person to cross line in the Handicap.
New recruit won the Saturday squad “ effort “ trophy
Ian Craven won the sprint finish prize .

 Handicap and trophy winner Dave Steele             20.49
G Beal                   vm                                                          17.27
G Palmer             vf                                                            17.29
L Wilson               sw                                                          17.56
M Osmajets       sm                                                          17.57
R Hamilton          vm                                                          17.59
J Mowbray          sm                                                          18.12
A Hunt                  sm                                                          18.15
A Lathan              sv m                                                       18.31
C Creegan           sv m                                                       19.05
I Craven               sm                                                          19.06
C Ferry                  vf                                                            19.48
S McKenzie         sm                                                          20.22
M Barton             vm                                                          20.39
D Steele               svm                                                        20.49
M Newnham     svm                                                        20.55
A O’Neill             svm                                                        22.10
S Ramage            svw                                                        22.40
S Craven              sw                                                          24.52
F Dougall              vw                                                          25.28
J Whitehead       svm                                                        25.42
E Stevenson       vvm                                                       25.52
I Hall                      vm                                                          26.21

Finally our thanks to Handicapper. With only three exceptions all predicted times within 30 seconds of actual or closer. The exceptions were last years winner: far too severe , this years winner far too generous; A MINUTE !! and new recruit Andy Hunt
Alex McEwen and Garry Robertson


Replies for “Robertson Trophy 2015 – Meadows 5k Road Race 22/8/15”

  • alex

    some pictures on gallery including

    dave steele receives robertson trophy from sharyn
    andy hunt keeps effort trophy under cover
    ian craven checks sprint trophy

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