The Club Needs You


Edinburgh Athletic Club is a very successful club in competitions locally, nationally and at UK level.
This is due in the main to four things:-
• Recruiting talented athletes.
• Providing appropriate qualified coaching.
• Facilitating the highest level of competition.
• Providing financial and welfare support.

Edinburgh Athletic Club provides all of the above and here’s the amazing bit, it is all done by volunteers.

This is where parents / partners / friends and families can do their bit to support the athletes.

There are many opportunities to help athletes and the athletics club in general.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

• By helping the Parent’s Association with the social side of things such as organising fund raising events, catering, social events and activities.

• By assisting the coaches on training nights at Meadowbank, particularly with the younger age groups. You might even be interested in becoming a qualified coach!

• By becoming a qualified track or field official. Our club needs to supply a number of officials at each competition. Training is provided free of charge.

• Providing professional skills and attributes from your work environment which will benefit the club in any way i.e. marketing,  media relations & financial management to name a few, but there are many more.


If you think you can help or want to know more before you commit please contact: 
Mrs Pat Sinclair, EAC Club Secretary.
(Pat can be contacted via the contact page on this site )

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