UK Womens League 2017 Premier Division Match 3 report

Good News is we finished 3rd overall in the Premier Division of the U.K. Women’s League and 5th on the day.

The athletes were a nice mix of experience and youth, and that extended into the officials this time around with some new faces to the team here too.

Of the girls that competed they gave their all on the day, many not fully fit with some aches and tenderness, but wouldn’t miss, the ones that didn’t make it wished they only could, such is the team spirit.  You are all important, but it would be nice to give a little more love by way of a mention to the following: –Stacey Downie was outstanding on the day, started off with P.B in the “A” 400m  53.91 and followed that up with a seasons best in the “A” 200m 24.08.  More Outstanding performances by way of P.Bs  came from Rebecca Burns in the 3000m with 9.49.44 . Zoe Bates 1500m with 4.31.94. Lauren Stoddard 2000m S/Chase with 6.50.32 to round that all of Emily Dudgeon came home in a seasons best winning the “A” 800 m with 2.05.89.

We were a wee bit short on the field in some events, the girls stepped forward and filled the gaps and deserve a big shout for doing so for team points and a bit of fun; TJ had Sarah Warnock and Kirsty Yates HJ had Catriona Pennet and Aileen Rennie, JT had Ellie McGinty.

I’ll finish with the relays, and pull one name from both, turned out a role reversal Avril Jackson the 400mh did the short sprint 4x100m and our sprint hurdler Olivia Walker did the long relay 4x400m, and put in a sterling effort, quiet an outstanding effort by one and all.

Final league position

Thames Valley Harriers 23 680.0
Birchfield Harriers 21 660.5
Edinburgh AC 17 588.5
Windsor, Slough E & H 15 551.0
Swansea Harriers 10 483.0
Blackheath & Bromley 10 447.5
Shaftesbury Barnet 9 471.5
Woodford Green/Essex Ladies 3 383.0


A big thanks from the team management to all the athletes, coaches and officials who continue to support this league with such enthusiasm.



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