Endurance Squad Weekend – 31/10/14

There will be a Saturday morning session at the Meadows this week, be there at 09.45 for the warm up, with the session itself starting at 10am prompt. On Sunday we have our usual long training run from Craiglockhart Sports Centre, meet in the top car park at 9am to head out on the Canal and Water of Leith paths to Balerno and beyond, mainly on paths and trails, just turn up and join in. Some runners have been talking about wanting long hill runs on the Pentlands, so have a look at the routes on the Sunday run facebook site as these cover a few hilly options over to Flotterston/Glencourse and back. Then get a discussion going on the facebook page.

Endurance Squad Annual Dinner

Its that time of year again – Christmas!!  Our Endurance squad Christmas Dinner will be on Saturday 13th December from 7.30pm at the B’Est Restaurant on Drummond Street (the usual place!). There will also be the usual presentations, speaches and general merriement. 

Tickets are now available for £27 (which includes 3 course meal and alcoholic/non alcoholic drinks) – Places are limited so please book early. Last year tickets sold out before December. To book your tickets please email Richard Meade on richardmeade13@hotmail.com

A £10 deposit will be required for each ticket with the balance due by the end of November. You can pay bank transfer (email me for details), cheque or in cash (I will be at the Meadows most Thursday nights between now and then or at cross country race).


Endurance Squad Weekend – 31/10/14

Saturday training at meadows , 0950 hrs, spikes or studs.

Sunday Lasswade open cross country race, entry on the day 10k https://www.scribd.com/doc/241679200/Laps-courses-and-directions-to-the-venue Another good local cross country race. Sunday 2nd november at Gorebridge organised by the worthy local club Lasswade AC . Entry on day and a few pounds.  Entry is by individuals .

Endurance Squad Tuesday Track Sessions

Some runners seem to think that track training is something that you only do in the summer. That is certainly not the case, to keep improving, you should be doing these sessions for 12 months of the year. Indeed with the dark nights arriving, one of the best and safest places to do your speed sessions is on the track. So get yourself down to the Endurance Squad Tuesday track sessions, Alex’s session at Meadowbank starts at 7.15, Garry’s session at Saughton at 5.45. Attend these sessions all winter and you will notice big improvements in your 10k PB’s next year.

See you at the track.


Amsterdam Marathon Race Report – Iain Macdonald

Amsterdam Marathon 2014

In the lead-up to the race I had never felt less pressure. It was very strange. I suppose deep down I expected to achieve my target of 2.38 given that training had gone extremely well compared with any other marathon. I missed just three speed sessions in 16 weeks (two of which I was able to replace with runs of 10 and 15 miles); had upped my mileage significantly, while feeling fresher (surpassing 100 miles for the first time and averaging 75 miles per week); and I had also set a huge 10k PB the previous month at Stirling. I was not without worry, however. Indeed, I had had some niggles and breathing issues in recent weeks; the weather was warm and windy; and I also felt like I had a reputation of pacing myself well to protect. Nevertheless, I was very relaxed and felt no nerves whatsoever on the start-line; despite the historical start on the track of the stadium used for the 1928 Olympic Games. Perhaps it was something to do with my inferiority complex disappearing in recent months, having finally achieved a performance level I thought I might never reach.    
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