Friends Of Edinburgh Athletic Club

Edinburgh Athletic Club has launched a new initiative under the banner of Friends of Edinburgh Athletic Club. A letter friends letter  has sent out by Honorary President of the Club, Donald Gorrie to former members of the Club in the hope that they may join the new “Friends” section. While it is hoped that our old data bases were reasonably accurate if you are a previous member of EAC, ESH, EWM and are reading this and did not receive a letter please accept our apologies. The aim is to get old members back involved in the Club and hopefully raise much needed funds to assist with the development of the current generation of Athletes. A Bank standing order form  EAC standing order was also sent out to former members see attached and again if you would like to help the funding of the Club, please do not hesitate to send a completed Standing Order form to Club Treasurer, Ian Cunningham at 10 Craigmount Grove, Edinburgh EH12 8BJ.

If you would like any further details in regard to the Friends of Edinburgh Athletic Club please do not hesitate to contact either Club Secretary Pat Sinclair 0131 339 1713  or Ian Cunningham 0131 339 1602

Ian Cunningham
Club Treasurer

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