Jayne Nisbet

Jayne Nisbet  is a member of the EAC and competed in the CWG in Glasgow 2014 and succeeded to the final of the High Jump. 

In the lead up to the CWG and over a period of many years Jayne suffered from an Eating disorder, Bulimia.  Part of Jayne’s recovery was to write down her thoughts of how she coped through to recovery to get through to the CWG final. 

Her struggle with this silent illness and how she coped to get through to the final of CWG High Jump,  is recorded in a book, Free’ed (Free from Eating Disorder) which will be launched next week.
Jayne will be at Meadowbank (where her career in athletics all began) on Tuesday night from 6.30pm and will be happy to talk to anyone who wishes to find out more about this illness or would like to buy her book.

 If you are interested in hearing more of Jayne’s story please come along and speak with her on Tuesday evening she would very much value your support and she would be happy to listen and give help and support to anyone you may know who is going through this illness now.  So if you do know of anyone, please tell them about Jayne and encourage them to come along and chat.
Moira Nisbet


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