Club Championships

At Meadowbank on the 3rd November, the Club Championship Awards were presented  to the Young Athletes by Lauren Peffers.

Club Champions for the Cross Country season 2008-2009

U/11 Boys                                         U/11 Girls 
1st Josh  Kerr                                  1st Amy Armstrong
2nd R. Gilroy   
3rd Jamie Louden  
U/13 Boys                                       U/13 Girls 
1st Jake Kerr                                   1st Ali Hunter
2nd Gregor Burns                            2nd Anna Hyde
3rd Michael Cameron                       3rd Emily Strathdee
U/15 Boys                                      U/15 Girls 
1st Jake Wightman                        1st Rachael Dunn
2nd Sam Wightman                       2nd Olivia McKenzie
3rd Peter Cameron                         3rd Tatiana Spens
U/17 Men                                        U/17 Ladies 
1st Andrew Crighton                        1st Emily Dudgeon
2nd Ben Smith                                2nd Laura Goodson
3rd Fraser Mann                              3rd Sam Blair

Club Champions for the Track and Field 2009

U/11 Boys                                      U/11 Girls 
1st Michael Dennis                      1st Natalie Robbins
2nd Cal McLennan                       2nd Kelly Whigham
3rd Jamie Underwood                   3rd Rachel Ferguson
U/13 Boys                                    U/13 Girls 
1st Benn Robbins                        1st Katie Robertson
2nd Josh Kerr                              2nd Rosie Wilson
3rd Callum Jones                         3rd Elizabeth Wells
U/15 Boys                                    U/15 Girls 
1st Freddie Smith                       1st Kimberly Reed
2nd Kieran Kivlin                         2nd Kirsty McKean
3rd Seumas Thomson                 3rd Emma McGinty
U/17 Men                                   U/17 Ladies 
1st Corey Hastings                    1st Fiona Cleat
2nd Peter Louden                       2nd Gabriella Vita
3rd Mathew Jones                      3rd Rachel Dinsdale
Other awards presented were:

The Derek Sizer Trophy for the top Under 13 girl:- Katie Robertson.

The Moran Trophy for the most improved Under 15 Hurdler:- Emma McGinty.

The Betty Clapperton Cup for the Under 15 Long Jump Champion:- Kirsty McKean.

The Durie Cup for the most improved Under 15 LongJumper:- Kirsty McKean.

The Alan Knowles Trophy for Under 17 Men:- Tom Holligan.

The Lynsey Myles Trophy for the outstanding Under 20 Team Athlete:-Sarah Warnock.

Congratulations to all our winners.

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