East District Championships

Well done to all our athletes competing in the East District Championships and Scottish Open

Photos Simon Wooton

Medal Winners

1st Rory Logg Shot Put 7.60m
1st  James Walker Javelin 26.35m
2nd Masie Brown 800m  2:38.25
2nd Emi Daunt 1500m 5:28.37
2nd Jessica Stewart Javelin 9.90m
3rd Hugh Ross 75mH 16.48

1st Thomas McKinlay Discus 37.87m (Championship Best Performance)
1st Callum Rodger High Jump 1.77m
1stRory Smith 100m 12.07
2nd Hamish Dryden High Jump 1.67m
2nd Matt Dryden 200m 25.71
2nd Lennox Kunath 11.38m
3rd Rinnah Ajala 100m 13.7

1st Sofia Bautista-Flecha Discus 22.36m
1st Matilda Brockley Long jump 5.50m, 1st Triple Jump 11.77m
1st Jacob McKinley Discus 41.02m
1st Megan McKay 800m 2:18.37
2nd Antonia Brockley 200m 25.73
2nd Olivia Kelly Discus 20.83m
2nd 100mH Donald Ross 15.56
3rd Olivia Faith Muir 200m 26.83

Our other Competing Athletes

Amber Hastie 200m 35.11
Cecilia Laing 4th 200m 31.87
Rory Logg 4th High Jump 1.22m
Isobel Moon 4th High Jump 1.07m, 5th 800m 2:32.73
Anna Molyneux 200m 32.17
Hugh Ross 7th 100m 15.78,  12th Long Jump 3.45m
Iona Simon 12th 200m 36.20
Testimony Sotannde 4th 100m 14.63
Jessica Stewart 7th  200m 34.42
Isaac Wells 9th 800m 2:48.69,  11th Long Jump 3.57m

Rinnah Ajala 6th 300m 45.44
Andrew Leighton 5th 800m 2:22.01
Lana Mapara 7th 100m 13.91

Jedidah Ajala 4th 300m 43.04, 10th 100m 13.31
Alex Binns 7th 100m 12.62, 5th High Jump 1.52m
Rory Bryce 5th 1500m 4:44.21
Antonia Brockley 4th 100m 12.84
Dylan Daunt 5th 1500m 4:20.20
Josh Daunt 10th 1500m 4:38.18
Martina Montelongo 18th 100m 14.95
Callum Roger 5th  100m 12.48
Donald Ross 6th 100m 12.50, 4th Pole Vault 2.80m

Scottish Open

Omar Bajo (U20) 1st 400m 49.84
Edmund Brown 10th 800m 2:05.45
Olivia Carah 2nd 100mH 16.43, 10th Long Jump 4.69m
Patrick Graham (V35) 16th 800m 2:11.33
Samuel Okpaje  3rd Long Jump 6.08m
Max Leslie 4th 400m 49.42
Eve MacAllum 2nd Pole Vault 3.11m
Anise Macaulay Orr (U20)1st  800m 2:18.47
Eilidh MacIntyre 1st 100mH 15.48
Ryan McMichan (U20) 100m 11.75
Lewis Orr (V50) 17th 800m 2:19.51
Lauren Stoddart 1st 1500m SC
Sophie Widdowson (U20) 4th 200m 26.19,  5th 100m 12.70 ,  6th Long jump 4.85m

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