200 Club

The 200 Club is a fund raiser which is run by Marion Donachie and gives £1000  to the club annually.

As indicated by the name, the 200Club has 200 members who each pay £1 per month and are entered into a monthly prize draw.

There are two monthly prizes of £45 and £20

Plus two Superdraws per year with prizes of £200, £80 and £30

This years draws have not been held yet and numbers are still available!
If you would like to join and contribute to club funds, please contact Marion Donachie on e-mail  at donachie41@waitrose.com
(Marion will be at the club trials on Sunday 9th April)

Here is the list of last years winners:

Many thanks to Marion for the work and organisation that she has puts into the 200 Club over the years.

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