History / Roll of Honour

GB and Scottish Vests

The list of club members who have achieved a Great Britain and Northern Ireland or a Scottish vest can be viewed here:

Great Britain 2019

Howard Bell Combined Events International Cardiff
Pipa Carcas European Mountain Championships Switzerland
Gillian Cooke , European Masters
Beth Dobbin World Championships Doha
Dougie Graham  European Masters
Josh Kerr World Championships Doha
Emma Nuttall European Team Championships Poland
Chris O’Hare European Indoor Championships Glasgow
Michael Olson U23 European Championships Sweden
Alisha Rees U23 European Championships Sweden, European Team Championships Poland
Eloise Walker 
World Cross Country Championships Denmark, U20  European Championships Sweden
Jake Wightman World Championships Doha

Scotland 2020

Eloise Walker U20 Liverpool Cross Challenge.
Eloise Walker U20 Home Countries International Stirling

Previous years can be viewed here: Internationalists


Wyndham Halswelle 400m London 1908
Thomas Jack Marathon London 1908
James Duffy Marathon Stockholm 1912
Fergus Murray 10000m Tokyo 1964
David Stevenson Pole Vault Tokyo 1964
Jim Alder Marathon Mexico 1968
Gareth Bryan-Jones Steeplechase Mexico 1968
David Jenkins 400m & 4x400m Munich 1972
Donald  MacGregor Marathon Munich 1972
Chris Black Hammer Montreal 1976
Helen Golden 200m Montreal 1976
David Jenkins 400m & 4x400m Montreal 1976
Andrew McMaster 100m & 4x100m Montreal 1976
Moira Walls (Maguire) High Jump Montreal 1976
Meg Ritchie Discus Moscow 1980
Chris Black Hammer Moscow 1980
Alan Wells 100m Moscow 1980
David Jenkins 400m Moscow 1980
Meg Ritchie Discus Los Angeles 1984
Peter Hoffman 4 x 100m reserve Los Angeles 1984
Alan Wells 100m&4x100m Los Angles 1984
Elliot Bunney 4x100m Seoul 1988
Yvonne Murray 3000m Seoul 1988
Yvonne Murray 3000m Barcelona 1992
Tom Hanlon Steeplechase Barcelona 1992
Allison Curbishley 4x400m Atlanta 1996
Karen Macleod Marathon Atlanta 1996
Allison Curbishley 400m&4x400m Sydney 2000
Sinead Dudgeon 400mH Sydney 2000
Shirley Webb Hammer Athens 2004
Freya Murray (Ross) Marathon London 2012
Lynsey Sharp 800m London 2012
Lynsey Sharp 800m Rio 2016
Chris O’Hare 1500m Rio 2016

Club History:


Edinburgh Southern Harriers 1988

Espc AC 1991


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