2021 Robertsons 5K

photo Dani P. Rivera

Race 1: 1st May 2021
For 14 EAC runners Saturday saw the triumphant return of that morning dread, the nervous warm up, around 5k of pain and then a full day of joy – subsequently leading to the eagerness to go through it all again 

With Stuart and Ewan helping set the pace a lot of us managed to complete the 2 and a bit laps in record time, with 7 runners under 17 minutes and all 14 inside 19 which is some going 

One lesson from Saturday is that “a bit” will vary a wee bit for every runner due to the joys of GPS technology, despite hitting the same part of the course just after Richard my watch managed to get to 5k first! Inefficient cornering perhaps, but the gentleman in me feels obliged to give my worthy foe the better position – key thing is we both went out with the aim of ducking under 17 and managed it thanks in no part to running in a small group.

Special shout out goes to Sam who so enthusiastically fancied a post race burger-van cheat meal he kept powering on all the way past Middle-Meadow walk. A definite highlight of the day, with a cropped submission accepted following a stewards inquiry 

Race 2: 8th May 2021
Wave 2 will be taking centre stage this weekend, with Iain and I hopefully pacing a few people towards targets of 18 and 19 minutes.

For a reminder timings for the day are as follows;
8:30 – 8:40 => Meet at Green Hut
8:45 => Warm up jog to Start Line
9:00 => 5k Start

Having plenty spectators dotted around the course helped give us a boost last time out so hopefully we’ll see a lot of you there again.

Peter Simpson

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