Foxlake Junior Cross Country

Here are the results for the Foxlake Cross Country, well done to everyone who ran in the rain with very heavy conditions.  
The next cross-country is on Monday 4th January, once I have more info will send it out, if you intend to run it you can keep your numbers , but if not please return at training.
Enid Johnstone

U11 Girls
2nd Stella Crawford
8th Isla Duncan
11th Kate McDonald

U11 Boys (2 races)
1st Rueben Lees
2nd Lukas Sonnenville
3rd Patrick Pim
7th Sylvan Erasmus

U13 Girls
1st Megan McKay
2nd Dashka MacDonald
4th Izzy Hogarth
5th Joanna Hirst
8th Clementine Pim
13th Katie MacPhail
17th Annabel Van Der Merve
20th Elodie Vaguire
21st Catriona Scott

U13 (2 races)
1st Dylan Gaunt
5th Laurence Ward
9th Josh Daunt
11th Patrick Byrne
21st Jamie Duncan

U15 Girls
4th Anna Cruden
9th Freya Pryce

U15 Boys
3rd Patrick Barnes
4th Campbell Fairgreive
7th Brodie Gordon- Gibson
9th Xander Miller
10th Alexander McCorquodale
12th Wilbur Mansell
13th Logan Le Pelley
14th Gregoire Boyadjian
15th Lachlan Kunath
19th Charlie Braddon

U17 & U18 Girls
3rd Cade Wright (U18)
5th Rose Newman
6th Tallulah Wright (U18)
7th Katie Johnson

Full Results here:

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