300/400m Hurdle Session

There have been a few notes of interest in holding a session for 300/400m hurdlers – looking specifically at working on Hurdling with heavy legs and developing the staying power for the last 100/150m – where a race can be won or lost….

I plan to be at Meadowbank on Sunday 29 January 11am (end approx 1pm) (Sorry – I know it clashes with Pitreavie Sprint); and to start with we will work on some drills to develop alternate leg hurdling and flexibility. The session will (weather permitting) move outdoors and consist of 4x 150 Flat and 200H with a 15 minute rest

 The idea is to start building up to doing a session over 10 hurdles as summer approaches…I also wish to avoid any interference with athletes normal training… so please feel free to do as much in session as you are able or your coach wishes you to do…
As many will not have hurdled around the turns this winter; we will break in to this and see how things go;

 We also have the Hurdling Scotland Session on 5 February were 400m Hurdlers will again work on the endurance element of the event.

 A follow up session on Sunday 4th March is possible… but I have a few dates in mind and happy to discuss….

 Please note: this session is OPEN to anyone;
I’d like to also try and get some of the potential 300H athletes involved… athletes to pay entry to Meadowbank… Meet in concourse for warm-up…. Bring WARM CLOTHING

 NOTE: if weather is very bad an alternative session indoors will take place

Coaches: please discuss with your athletes and please come along too.

Brian Winning  Brian.Winning@scotland.gsi.gov.uk


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