400mH Session at Meadowbank

Meadowbank 400H session, Sunday  4th March – 11:00 am -1:00 pm

At the last session,  I said we would try and get a session on 4th March.
I know it is the U16/U14 indoors at the Kelvin Hall, but the athletes likely to attend this session are older than that age group…
There is also an antiques fair on at Meadowbank that weekend, so whole session will be outdoors  brrrr! (this is only free weekend for me in March I am afraid)      

 I am suggesting a session over the first 8 Hurdles… so one run over 5 as a “warm-up – wake up” then two filmed runs over 8 hurdles …. With a 20 minute break between each run… Thoughts?
Session will start with active warm-up over hurdles (drills etc) following from athletes own warm up….

 If interested in the session please let me know… and also please let other 400H (300H) athletes know….

I will chat to Bill about using the big telly in club room – to let you all see your runs…

Brian Winning

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