4J National Open Series 1

The first track event since the start of lock down took place this weekend at Meadowmill, below is a list of all the Edinburgh AC athletes who competed, thanks to the organisers and the officials for getting this on.

photo (C) Bobby Gavin
photo (C)) Bobby Gavin

Cameron Forbes  7.81
Gary Leek  8.73
Mateo Hughes  7.71
Max Leslie  7.26

Elaine Forbes  9.13
Sarah Malone  8.03
Connie Sanderson 9.06

Mateo Hughes  17.67
Max Leslie  16.78

Holly McArthur  18.21
EstherWatson 20.73

Ewan Purves 50.47

Holly McArthur  14.40

Emily Craig  62.80

photo (C) Bobby Gavin

Ross Dewar 2:08.90
Mark MacDermot 2:09.40
Lewis Orr 2:21.30

Katie Johnson  2:14.90 and 2:16.20
Anise Macauly Orr 2:20.90
Freya Price 2:41.40

Callum Newby 37.87m

Emma Solley 32.55m

photo (C) Bobby Gavin

Long Jump
Rob Henderson  6.12m
Callum Newby  6.93m

Molly Reville   5.58m

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