4J Studios National Open Series 2

photo (c) Bobby Gavin

The second meeting in the National Open Series took place at the weekend, below is a list of the Edinburgh AC athletes who competed.

Cameron Forbes 11.93
Elaine Forbes 14.39
Holly McArthur 12.08
Samuel Okpaje 11.60
Alexander Poustie Wiiliamson 11.53
Anna Widdowson 13.70

Mateo Hughes 23.74
Anise Macaulay Orr 2:19.70
Megan McKay 2:30.10
Lewis Orr 2:17.27
Alexander Poustie Wiiliamson 23.23
Anna Widdowson 28.62

Anise Macaulay Orr 43.25
Katie Johnson 300m 42.59

Emily Craig 58.71
Leo Dickson 56.10
Ewan Purvis 51.21

Hannah Cameron 2:09.40
Katie Johnston 2:08.35 new U17 Club Record

photo (c) Bobby Gavin

High Jump
Sam Bartlett 1.51m

Long Jump
Rob Henderson 6.46m
Mateo Hughes 5.74m
Molly Reville 5.82m

Shot Put
Holly McArthur 12.38m

Triple Jump
Bera Ajala 14.47m

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