Brooks EAC Paarlauf

On a wintry night , EAC held their fancy dress paarlauf/dreilauf .
Prizes for all from BROOKS , Hot orange and shortbread from Yvonne and Gail.
Recording by Argy, Neil, Max, Matt , Colin , Steve, Charlotte and Eric.
A Good Effort by all.
Seasonal thanks . Happy holidays.
Alex McEwan

Blackie,Despinoy , Hare                               M                                            31.49
Walker McGregor Gilhirst                            F                                              32.18
Strathdee Carcas Philipps                           F                                              33.08
Morrow Gilhurst Montgomery                   F                                              33.16
Friend Leary Thomson                                 M                                            33.35
Simpson Anderson Jamieson                     M                                            34.00
Moffat Glass Oneill                                       F                                              34.25

Paarlauf Seniors Juniors and vets
Arthur Carcas                                                JM                                          28.28
Ireland Gumdry                                            JM                                          30.44
Kennedy Hamiliton                                      M                                            31.15
Fallas Creegan                                              M                                            32.08
Mowbray Zambougla                                  M                                            32.28
Craven Hamilton                                          M                                            32.33
Simpson Latham                                          M                                            32.46
Parry Lee                                                       M                                            33.05
Stoddart Ferguson                                       F                                             33.21
Shield Alum                                                   F                                             33.33
Jones Bonser                                                 M/ F                                       33.35
Murdoch Roy                                               M                                             33.45
Waugh Dobbie                                             F                                              36.10
Webster Dempsey                                       F                                              37.23

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