Robinson 5K Race 2

Race 2: 8th May 2021 Another Saturday in May 2021 means one thing – the time had come for another hearty group of EAC runners to trash themselves around the Meadows, all with the aim of covering a GPS “5k” as quickly as possible. With IMaC and I on pace making duties for 18 and…

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13th May 2021

Running Through History (The Toughie)

Results are in for “The Toughie”. Delighted to announce Coach Alex is at the top of the leader board. Good route choice trumps all!!…………….or does it? The final runners for our fourth virtual race Running through History “The Toughie” might be at the bottom of the stats table, but as you all know the time…

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5th May 2021

2021 Robertsons 5K

Race 1: 1st May 2021For 14 EAC runners Saturday saw the triumphant return of that morning dread, the nervous warm up, around 5k of pain and then a full day of joy – subsequently leading to the eagerness to go through it all again  With Stuart and Ewan helping set the pace a lot of…

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4th May 2021

Return to Saturday Morning Training

Some great photos from Richard Michael Clark of the Endurance Groups return to Saturday morning training in the Meadows posted in the Endurance Section Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/19195932056 Full set of photos also added to our Gallery https://www.flickr.com/photos/edinburghac/albums FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin ItEmail

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4th April 2021

Scottish Athletics Virtual Road Races

Great to see our young athletes active in the Scottish Athletics virtual events. Under 13 boys 3k event being topped by Dylan Daunt with a clear 15 seconds faster than second place. Also to brother Josh finishing 9th fastest overall including boys and girls, which is also 5th place in the boys section. Well done…

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31st March 2021

Running Through History Race 3

Running through history, The Bruce’s run RESULTS! So if you ran Race 3 and sent your details to me the good news is you made the top 5 Congratulations to Dougie Gowan, who had the fastest average pace, and longest run. Dougie ran the route in reverse, clocking 9.62 miles by looping around Harlaw Reservoir before…

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24th March 2021

VIRTUAL Lindsays Scottish Athletics Road Challenge V

A great turn out from all our athletes in the Virtual Road Race Challenge, well done to all who competed 4 Male and 4 Female Team Edinburgh Athletic Club 2nd 3:41:06 5 Freddie Carcas (23:56) 7 Andrew Fyfe (24:31) 17 Stuart Johnston (26:20) 22 Callum Reid (26:24) 62 Lauren Wilson (29:34) 67 Hannah Cameron (29:45)…

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25th February 2021


RACE # 2 RESULTS! 4 STANES If it wasn’t snow and ice, we got wind and rain. That didn’t stop a few hardy runners; some even lucky enough to catch the sunshine! As with our 4 Castles race, runners were able to make their own route round the 4 Stanes. Preparation is the key to…

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24th February 2021

EAC Virtual Running through history

EAC Virtual Running through history Race#1 Results! Challenging conditions throughout January with snow and ice stubbornly hanging around, especially up near Mortonhall, but that didn’t stop some impressive times being posted. Top marks to Lewis Orr,  for running it twice, taking a different route each time and Andrew Latham,  for waiting on conditions for a…

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3rd February 2021

VIRTUAL Lindsays scottishathletics Road Challenge IV

Well done to all our athletes who competed in the Virtual Road Race Challenge. 3Km Open Teams – Any Age, Any Gender 3rd Team Dylan Daunt, Laurence Ward, Jessica Taylor and Dashka MacDonald (equal times) 3Km U13 Boys 1st Dylan Daunt (9:59) 12th Laurence Ward (11:24) 20th Josh Daunt (11.39) 3Km U13 Girls 3rd Dashka…

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3rd February 2021

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