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The Club Awards for Young Athletes were given out last night by guests Jodi McGinty (Youth Coach) and Howard Bell (Scottish Under 20 Multi Events Champion)

photos are now in our gallery page, (sorry if I missed anyone out, but if you have a picture of you with your award and would like to include it in our gallery please get in touch.

U11 Girls
  1st   Isla Stewart                             U11 Boys 1st  Ruaridh Woodland-Broome
2nd  Olivia Anderson                                         2nd  Harry Nussey
3rd  Connie Roxburgh                                       3rd  Vharish Rajakumar

U13 Girls 1st  Emma Johnson                       U13 Boys  1st Isaac Johnstone
2nd  Katie Johnson                                          2nd Rob Henderson
3rd  Susanne Anderson                                  3rd   Cameron Forbes

U15 Girls 1st  Ellie O’Hara                             U15 Boys 1st Max Leslie
2nd Emma Solley                                            2nd Berachia Ajala
3rd Martyna Kolan                                          3rd Callum Newby

U17 Girls 1st  Holly McArthur                        U17 Boys 1st Calum Henderson
2nd Sarah Malone                                           2nd Sam Brown
3rd  Eloise Walker                                           3rd Elliot Armstrong

 CROSS COUNTRY   2015/16
U11 Girls
 1st  Katie Johnson                         U11 Boys 1s Ruaridh Woodland-Broome
2nd Rebecca Grieve                                       2nd Michael Gillespie
3rd  Kalitza Walker                                          3rd Ronnie Jones

U13 Girls 1st Pippa Carcas                          U13 Boys 1st Muir Gillespie
2nd Emma Johnson                                       2nd Fabian Despinoy
3rd Phoebe Friend                                         3rd  Connor Thomson

U15 Girls 1st Eloise Walker                          U15 Boys 1st Luca Librizzi
2nd Alixe Phillips                                            2nd  Iain Hare
3rd  Ishbel Strathdee                                     3rd  Tom Ireland

U17 Girls 1st  Zoe Bates                            U17 Boys 1st Joe Arthur
2n  Morven Ferguson                                  2nd  Freddie Carcas
3rd  Carolyn Cameron                                 3rd    Michael Swinton

 Trophy Winners

Derek Sizer                 Emma Johnson             top U13 girl                              

 Kay Walker                 Isaac Johnston              top U13 boy

 Tom Drever                Owen Ashall                 top male High jumper

 Durie Trophy             Emma Bryce                most improved U15 girl Hurdler

Moran Trophy            Josie McDonald            most improved U15 girl LJ

Betty Clapperton       Ellie O’Hara                 U15 girl LJ Champion

 George Mann              Sam Brown               top Middle Distance  U15/17 youth


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