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helpers and officials

EAC Executive would like to say a huge thank you for all the many volunteering hours given throughout 2014, your help and support is very much appreciated and you have played your part to make EAC Scottish Athletics Club of the year 2014.



2014 was not only a great year for our athletes who represented Scotland at the Commonwealth Games but we also had our own Officials and Volunteers who helped at the Commonwealth Games and it feels appropriate to say an extra thank you to all those who gave up their time to help make the Commonwealth Games so successful and such an enjoyable occasion for our athletes and spectators.
The names of the people from our club who were at the CWG as Technical Officials:
Sandy Forrest – Asst Competition Director
Mike Forrest – Photo finish
Brian Nisbet – Clerk of Course
Moira Nisbet – Asst Call Room Manager Final Call
Marion Donachie – Call Room Steward & Marathon
Neil Donachie – Call Room Steward & Marathon
Moira  Reid – Warm Up Area Steward & Marathon
Marjory Cook – Warm Up Area Steward & Marathon
Bill Gentleman – Call Room Steward
Jane Roy – Call Room Steward
Elsie Morris – Track
Helena Black – Track
Alistair Aitchison – Chief Track Umpire
Janeth Hall – Field Judge
Jim Oliver – Field Judge

The following Coaches, Volunteers, helpers were part of the famous CLYDESIDERS TEAM all based at Hampden Park and who assisted with all sorts of duties in Hampden Park from setting out hurdles to escorting athletes to the toilet:
Moira Maguire
Keith Ridley
Enid Johnston
Stephen Waterston
Rod McKay
Laura Robertson
Hannah Lawlor

We would like to have a Commonwealth Games Experience stories on our website to inspire others to take part so would welcome the opportunity for you to tell your stories and we will put them on our web page.

Stories so far:
Alistair Aitchison said “It was a once in a lifetime experience”

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