Cross Country Grand Prix – 2011 / 2012

This years cross country grand prix is now up and running!

Last year we had 53 men and 21 women competing in a range of cross country events, with the winners being Owain Bristow and Jenny MacLean.

For anyone new to the club and wanting to know how to get involved….  a spreadsheet will record the times of all EAC athletes at all cross country events and their position relative to all EAC runners. The idea is pretty simple, you score points by running for EAC at any cross country event and the number of points available depends on how many other EAC runners are taking part. You will get credit for turning up and flying the EAC flag at any cross country race, but smaller low key races will have fewer runners so therefore fewer points available, championship events will have large numbers and therefore more points on offer.

If for example: at the East District Relays, 20 senior men take part, 1st place gets 20 points, down to 1 point for 20th place. If say at Braid Hills CC, only 3 EAC runners take part, 1st place gets 3 points 2nd 2 points 3rd 1 point. This effectively gives weighting to the bigger events, but still gives some recognition to the smaller events, since it is good for the club to get our name seen at all races. That’s all there is to it, the Grand Prix rules need to be simple so that results are produced as soon as possible after each race (and also to ensure it is easy to compile!).  

The results will be taken from the official websites, if anyone spots any inaccuracies in the results, please help fill in missing details (  

Please remember that the Grand Prix is designed to add a bit of fun and a bit of interest to the cross country season, there are no great prizes on offer, but you can certainly run for bragging rights at training!

We fully expect lots of success and lots of enjoyment throughout the winter races.

The results after the East District Relays at Dundee can be found in the links below –

EAC Cross Country 2011 – Male (11th October 2011)

EAC Cross Country 2011 – Female (11th October 2011)

The various tabs show:

  • Cross country fixtures
  • Current Grand Prix Standings
  • Results of each race (A comparison is also shown to last year. You can’t really compare times directly as courses and conditions vary, but you can compare relative times with other people)



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