Cross Country Grand Prix – Final Standings 2012 / 2013

So with the Nationals a week or so ago now, that pretty much brings to an end the Cross Country season.  The Grand Prix standings have been updated, and the winners are:

Male: Bryan Mackie

Female: Sue Ridley

Well done to both Bryan and Sue! It was a close run things at the top.  The top 3 were as follows:

    Total Points  
Rank Name 2012 / 2013 CC Season Num of Races
1 Bryan Mackie 113 7
2 Dan Clarkson 105 8
3 John Blair 102 8


    Total Points  
Rank Name 2012 / 2013 CC Season Num of Races
1 Susan Ridley 49 7
2 Jennifer MacLean 47 6
3 Gillian Palmer 46 6

The spreradsheets with the full standings and all the cross country results for the season can be found in the following links:

EAC-Cross-Country-2012_2013-Male (5th March)

EAC-Cross-Country-2012_2013-Female (5th March)

Thoughts now turn to the road, and hopefully lots of new PBs!



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