EAC 6 mile referendum paarlauf

EAC 6 mile referendum paarlauf , road, 11 th September Meadows Edinburgh

N Jack and M Garry                                                         32.25
J Peter and N Wolverson                                               32.36
M Boston and J Barclay                                                  33.26
M Horne and D Blyth                                                      33.26
A Burton and J Kirkton                                                   34.04
L Cwiklewski and P Cairns                                             34.47
J Crawford and C Reid                                                    36.01
Vets men
R Cockbain and J Blair                                                     34.06
E Follan and K Sneddon                                                 36.29
Mixed Pair
P Ness and S Laverty                                                      33.42
A Rizos and S MacLullich                                                34.34
E and R                Maguire                                               35.20
A O neill and J Wright                                                     37.05
J Jackson and R Byde                                                      36.29
C McKelvie and R Limebrook                                       37.03

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