EAC Festival 7 mile Paarlauf

A super evening as we weaved our way by The Festival tents. Lots of effort. Lots of chat at end, as this low level race brought EAC members together. Thanks to time keeper and the warm up crew. Thanks to Covid officer for managing the registers for this and the club.
Alex MacEwan

photo Shona Adam
photo Shona Adam

Peter Thomson and Pierre Alain Bouffandeau          36.59
Neil Jack and Roddie Forgie                                            38.23
Ted Peppas and Tom Leeman                                         39.35
John Mowbray and James Doran                                  40.58
Cameron Whyte and Andy Latham                              41.03
Laura Kyle and Terry Roberts                                         43.08
Morvern McAllister and Karl Vezely                             43.18
Iain Williamson and A.N Other                                    43.48
Debbie Gilliland and Linn Denholm                              43.54
John Graham and Dani Reid                                           43.59
Steve Booth and Lizzie Mason                                        45.07
Elaine Davies and Rob Hamilton                                    45.12
Eric Stevenson and George Avraam                             50.59
Rebecca Meres and Anne Duncan                                53.12
Andy Johnston and Dave Mclean                                  53.25

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