EAC Road Race Grand Prix – The Race Enters The Final Weekend

With the inaugural EAC Road Race Grand Prix moving into its last weekend of races attention turns to those final positions and who will end up coming out on top in both the men’s and women’s series, as well as the highly competitive age group categories. With both Edinburgh Parkruns and the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon due to count this weekend there is still a chance for more points!

Men’s Race

In the men’s race, the top three going into the final weekend have been there for a while. Bryan Mackie heads Stuart Jonhston and Leon Johnson in third. However, both Neil Renault and Adam Rouse are only one race away from completing five qualifying races and a good performance by one or both could shake up the final podium.

Adam could also topple Colin McGill from the top of the V40 rankings, which has been extremely competitive over the last few weeks. David Cross and Eric Stevenson both look locked in to win the V50 and V60 categories after solid and consistent running early on in the year.

Over 60 men have registered at least one scoring race, which is fantastic. With 17 guys already having completed the five qualifying races and a further six on four races and with a chance of completing the five – just making the final Top 10 will be an achievement.

So going into the final weekend, below is the men’s Top 10 and leading age category runners:

Position        Athlete                     Races              Total

1                      Bryan Mackie            5                      693

2                      Stuart Johnston       5                      666

3                      Leon Johnson          5                      654

4                      Nick Wolverson        5                      609

5                      Colin McGill              5                      600

6                      Richard Cockbain    5                      594

7                      Neil Renault             4                      570

8                      Madis Osjamets        5                      566

9                      Owain Williams        5                      564

10                    Keith Dunlop            5                      561

V40                 Colin McGill              5                      600

V50                 David Cross              5                      528

V60                 Eric Stevenson         5                      309

09_28_15 EAC-Road-Race-Championship-Male (28September 2015)

Women’s Race

The women’s race has seen quite a bit of activity since the last update and with at least three women having now completed the five qualifying races we are guaranteed a podium, which is great. Those three are Charlotte Garry who has been leading for so long but could still be upset by the final weekend of races. Nikki Gibson​ is just a short race away from finishing her five qualifying races, so could challenge for the title. Does Parkrun beckon for Nikki this Saturday?? Hannah Waugh sits in second place, having completed five races and she is joined on the prospective podium by Elaine Davies who also leads the V40 category.

There are several other women sitting on four races requiring only a long or short race to complete their five qualifying races, so the podium could look very different by the end of the weekend. Lyndsay Fraser, Karen Dobbie, Mairi Blankenstein and the Dunn sisters could all yet figure in the final standings depending on their race plans this weekend!! Remember both Parkruns in Edinburgh and the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon count for points!!

Here are the Top Three

Pos     Athlete                                Races     Total

1          Charlotte Garry                    5          477

2          Hannah Waugh                   5          449

3          Elaine Davies                       5          380

09_28_15 EAC-Road-Race-Championship-Female (28September 2015)

If anyone has any queries about the results listed or the grand prix, then please email me at richardmeade13@hotmail.com

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