EAC Road Race Rankings – November 2013

Below are links to the Road Race Ranking spreadsheets for 2013. There are tabs for each distance as well as some summary stats. The tables below show the athletes with the most PBs this season (separate tables to distinguish between PBs where a distance was run for the first time).

PBs (Excluding racing a distance for first time) Male   Female
Leading athletes: #PBs   #PBs
Chris Payne 4 Lyndsay Fraser 3
Stuart Johnston 4 Janet Dunbar  3
    Emma Laverie 3
PBs (Including new distances) Male   Female
Leading athletes: #PBs   #PBs
Chris Creegan 6 Lyndsay Fraser 5
Jamie Crawford 6 Janet Dunbar 4
    Kara Borland 4

In total, we had 152 athletes represent EAC on the roads, with 188 PBs recorded! Well done all!

EAC-Club-PBs-2013-Male (end Nov – Final)

EAC-Club-PBs-2013-Female (End Nov – Final)

Thanks to Kirk for collating the monthly results – makes my job easier!

If I have missed any times or there are errors etc. drop me an e-mail at stuartjohnston@yahoo.co.uk




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