EAC Robertson Trophy Handicap 2016


A number of the Edinburgh Athletic Club endurance squad are doing Spring marathons. We aim to run well and remember our club mate, Andy Laird who recently took his own life leaving his wife, Pam and daughter, Honor. Andy was a great supporter of EAC and a genuine, nice guy. He helped at many events, ran well for the club and consistently tried to win club events. We will miss his dry wit, effort and contribution.

This will be a one-off legacy going to  SAMH, a charity which does great work on suicide prevention. While the suicide rate in Scotland has fallen in recent years, it remains tragically high and men over 45, like Andy, are one the highest risk groups.

We have asked that all cash raised be specifically targeted at SAMH’s work on suicide prevention to help change this.


5k road, meadows , Edinburgh AC Robertson Trophy 21/5/16

My thanks to all recorders managed by Karen and Argy , stewards marshalled by Lyndsay Fraser and To BROOKS and John LEE for quality Run Happy gear. We raised £220.00 for SAMH . Please support Emma Winning and other EAC members next week for this cause at EMF.

Handicap Winner Ian Williamson                                                         20.08

Gavin Bryson                           J                                                              15.48

Madis Osmajets                                                                                      17.03

Nairn McWilliam                                                                                      17.32

Rob Hamilton                         vm                                                            18.03

Alieu Badara                                                                                           18.23

Alex Quayle                                                                                            18.24

Ian Craven                                                                                             18.29

Andy Latham                          sv                                                            18.30

James McLay                                                                                         18.32

Amanada Woodrow                sw                                                           18.34

Lauren Wilson                         sw                                                           18.47

Dan Rivera                              sv                                                           19.32

Cat Ferry                 vw                                                                           20.07

Ian Williamson                       sv                                                             20.08

Richard Fisher                         guest                                                      20.53

Kennny Sneddon     guest                                                                      21.01

Graeme Brown                                                                                       21.04

Jackie Hughes                         SW                                                         21.14

Richard Meade                                                                                       21.14

Matt Newnham                      SV                                                            21.20

Ruraidh Sutherland guest                                                                       21.26

Henrique                 guest                                                                       21.40

Kat McKelvie                           sw                                                           21.44

Pasc Miollard                          sw                                                           21.50

Richard Clarke                         SV                                                          21.57

Hannah Piece                          sw                                                          22.21

Sarah Cadenas                        sw                                                         22.21

Rhona McDougall   guest                                                                      23.06

Rebecca Wilmott    guest                                                                      23.31

Eddie McDonald      guest                                                                     28.30




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