EAC Senior XC Grand Prix – Final Standings

A good day out at the Nationals on Saturday brought to an end the EAC Senior XC Grand Prix. The top 3 are as follows………..


Rank Name Points Num of Races
1 Stuart Johnston 158 8
2 Gabriele Bucciarello 117 7
3 Richard Meade 96 4



Rank Name Points Num of Races
1 Karla Borland 36 6
2 Lauren Stoddart 34 6
3 Karen Dobbie 28 8

Congrats to all that took part in a really good season Рshould be lots of good base work for summer PBs!

Special mention to Alex for all his work and the fact he represented the club 10 times in cross country races over the winter – more hardy than me!

For you numbers geeks, links to the spreadsheets with all the results and the full standings are below:







4 thoughts on ““EAC Senior XC Grand Prix – Final Standings”

  • Matthew Newnham

    After my first season of cross country racing for many years, it was hard work but very rewarding. Can’t thank Alex and all our teammates enough for all the learning, camaraderie and fun [?!]…

    • Matthew Newnham

      Also, special thanks to Garry, not only for the tandem coaching with Alex, but for being one of my touchstones for focusing on working on acquiring a smoother running style. It’s a work in progress, but never too late!

  • Scott Innes

    Yes an ever present Alex and a few familiar faces from the old guard who have been running cross country longer than most. The masters were my first time and it was about as tough conditions as I’ve raced in. Gutted I could make the national this year, now for a few select road races!

  • Chris Creegan

    It was my first full cross country season for more than 25 years and Hawick was as hard as anything I can remember.

    And some of us have one more XC race to go, the UK masters in Glasgow next Saturday!

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