EAC Track 8k medley Referendum paarlauf

EAC Track 8k medley Referendum paarlauf , Meadowbank, 18/9/14

R Murray and A Woodrow                           26.14
J Furniss –Gilliland and H Bonser               28.06
C Creegan and H Waugh                               29.00
N Gibson and M Cumings                             29.33
A Carric and S McLullich                                 30.07
F Hegarty and C McKelvie                            30.07
K Dobbie and A Peat                                       31.00
N Jack and A Fallas                                           25.20
M Fraser and J Crawford                               25.56
A Cumine and P Simpson                              26.50
M Garry and A Rizos                                       28.18
M Thornton Smith and M Newnham       28.48
D McFeeley and A Hepburn                        28.53

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