EAC Virtual 13.1K (half marathon)

EAC Virtual GP Race 5 (13.1k): Final Results

Race Report

“I’m so glad that’s over, but I’m so glad I did it”.

Does that sum up how you felt after the 13.1k? If it does welcome to the crowd – pretty sure lines of that effect were included in around half of the 58 submission I received for the longest run of the series 

Some great performances out there – 50th place in the actual 2019 Kilomathon was clocked at 53 minutes and 22 seconds, which was bettered by everyone of the top 20 in our own virtual event.

Really impressive efforts all round, particularly as I’m sure our finish awkwardly looking at the watch to see if we’d made the distance didn’t quite have the same pull as the grand stand finish at Murrayfield!

No movement at the top of the results since the last update, with Stuart Johnston and Chloe Cox  leading the way over the line – Chloe stays top of the female standings, although Neil Renault  still has a slender 2 point advantage in the battle of the males.

Another impressive showing from Hannah Waugh netted the best performance relative to the handicap for this round, with yet another PB

Robin Kyle  has started closing in on the overall place.

Full results in the Endurance Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/19195932056/

Upcoming Events

Quick reminder that we’re taking a slightly longer break before the final race of the series, with the second 5k running between Friday July 3rd and Thursday July 9th.

Next weekend is still a busy one, with 15 EAC teams due to take part in the Virtual Meadows 3x1mile relays.

Until next time – stay safe, stay healthy and keep on running!

Peter Simpson

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