East District Cross Country League Broxburn: Saturday 12th January.

This was the final meeting of the league and a great result for the club, we are the Overall Male and Womens League Champions.
The top finishers were:
U/11 Boys I.Hare 8th:  U/11 Girls A.Phillips 3rd, L.Gilchrist 4th, L.Montgomery 8th, 1st team: Under 13 Boys M.Swinton 2nd, F.Carcas 4th, 2nd Team: Under 13 Girls B.Neilson 9th, C.Bough 10th, 3rd team: U15/17 Girls R.Stewart 1st, H.Lewin 2nd, Z.Bates 5th, 1st, 2nd and 5th teams: Senior/Junior Men A.Chrichton 8th, 2nd team: Senior/Junior Women G.Palmer 2nd, S.Ridley 10th, 3rd Team  

Final Age Group League Positions.
Under 11 Girls 2nd
Under 13 Boys 2nd
Under 13 Girls 2nd
Under15 Boys 5th
Under 15/17 Girls A team 1st, B team 2nd
Under 17 Men 2nd
Senior/Junior Women 2nd
Senior/Junior Men 4th

Full results at:

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