East District Cross Country Relays

East District Cross Country Relays – Dundee, 8 October 2011
The club had a great start to the winter season at the East District Cross Country Relays in Dundee, winning male and female young athletes races, 3rd in the Senior Men and 4th in the Senior Women and 1st Vet Women. A total of 5 medals – 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Brief Results:
Young males EAC teams:
1st        EAC ‘A’         Paul Ireland, Josh Kerr, Chris Ponton
4th        EAC ‘B’          Joe Arthur, Robert Bough, Jake Kerr
7th        EAC ‘C’          Calum Brown, Cameron Gilmour, Michael Cameron
8th        EAC ‘D’         Michael Swinton, Michael Hudson, Ruaridh Miller
14th      EAC ‘E’          Jamie Underwood, Alex Carcas, Lachlan Waddell

Young Female Teams:
1st        EAC ‘A’         Hilary Lewin, Ali Hunter, Emma Dunnett
2nd        EAC ‘B’          Franca Still, Sara Findlay, Oonagh Dunnett
5th        EAC ‘C’          Carolyn Cameron, Emily Strathdee, Rosanna Stewart
6th        EAC ‘D’         Julia Laughland, Hannah Cameron, Katie Watson
7th        EAC ‘E’          Amy Armstrong, Erin Cant, Blair Wood

Senior Men
3rd        EAC ‘A’         Andrew Crichton, Jake Wightman, Tom Ryan, Dan Clarkson
10th      EAC ‘B’          Neil Calder, Keith Dunlop, Stuart Johnston, Colin McGill
16th      EAC ‘D’         Scott Logan, Dermot Baillie, Malcolm Fraser, Darren Blyth
19th      EAC ‘C’          Edward Dudgeon, Peter Loudon, Peter Cameron, A Latham

Senior Women
4th        EAC ‘A’         Lynsey Sharp, Jenny Maclean, Joanne Thom
9th        EAC ‘B’          Lianne Logan, Lauren Stoddart, Isobel Joiner
12th      EAC ‘C’ (Vet) Karen Dobbie, Sharyn Ramage, Susan Ridley   –  1st Vet team
17th      EAC ‘D’ (Vet)            Jane Jackson Hilary Kernaghan, Elaine Davies

Full results available on http://www.scottishathletics.org.uk/index.php?p=80&itemType=fixtures&itemId=14176

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