Endurance Weekend 11/9/2015

EAC has nearly 25 seniors going to national 10k road champs on Sunday.
For those not competing , Saturday is on 1000 hrs. Session on grass .“ Effort” trophy from last weeks winner Pete Simpson is up for grabs

Looking back over results for the 10K  on Central’s website, unearths the following from EAC athletes . It picks out the best each year ..
Jenny Mclean                    34.40
Morgan Clarkson              35.38
Laura dunn                         36.17
Caroline toshack               39.36

Bryan  Mackie                    31.41
Matt bell                             31.46
Neil Thin                              33.00
Mark Johnstone                 33.19
Dan Clarkson                      33.23

You’ve all put in the miles and effort. Turn this into a performance you can feel good about. Pace judgement, work hard at 6k and “ run through the line “
Club vest must be worn in championship event.


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