Hurdling Scotland Session

Hurdling Scotland Session
 The next session is at Pitreavie on Sunday 28 November – 1pm to 4pm
As last session a small fee of £3 per athlete is being levied to cover booking cost.

 Session plans:
Lets have some suggestions… as every-one will be at different levels.

To kick off –
Sprint Hurdles – suggestion…. Offer alternatives
4 Hdls – 3 strides fast – looking to work on Drive through hurdles; arm positions tidy(?)
Also allow athletes to continue to do “pop-overs” if they wish

Intermediate Hurdles
3 Hurdles Set to allow alternate leg work
Doing double runs (two runs with jog back recovery – tired hurdling )
Happy to accommodate suggestions; have a good weekend every-one…..
Brian Winning
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