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Yvonne Jones and Keith Ridley will be entering Male & Female teams in the Scottish Indoor League this winter.

Age groups are from Under 11 up to Under 20.
Please note that the age groups are as for next summer’s track season – ie under 11, 13, 15 or 17 as at 31 August 2010.  (Under 20s are eligible for the league if they are Under 20 at 31st December 2008 – but only for the league not any of the championships.)

The league takes place at Kelvin Hall in Glasgow and starts at 1.30pm.
Dates are as follows:   
1st Match               13th December
2nd Match              3rd January
3rd Match               21st February
Final & relays         14th March

The events in the league are:

Under 11:  60m, 600m, Standing long jump (2 events only)

Under 13:
  60m, 200m, 800m, 60m Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot

Under 15:  60m, 200m, 300 (girls), 400m(boys), 800m, 60 m Hurdles, Long Jump/Triple Jump (2nd meeting only), High Jump, Shot, Pole Vault (non-scoring event – guest event 1 per club)

Under 17 & 20:  60m, 200m, 300m (U17 women) 400m, 800m, 60m Hurdles, Long Jump/Triple Jump (2nd meeting only), High Jump, Shot, Pole Vault (non-scoring event – guest event 1 per club)

A bus will be provided at the cost of £3.00 per athlete. 
There will also be a charge of £2.00 for athletes per match. 

As in most leagues we are required to provide helpers/officials – any parents attending please volunteer your services.

Coaches please Yvonne know asap if you wish your athletes to compete in this league.

To try and give as many athletes an opportunity to compete we have entered 28 teams at a cost of £20/team (£560).  The transport to this venue costs around £290 each time (£870).  Therefore we will be charging each athlete £3.00 for the bus (as per usual) plus an additional charge of £2.00 for athletes taking part at each match. 

Yvonne Jones (0131-551-2817 or mob 07746457315) and Keith Ridley
Team Managers

If anyone is willing to assist by way of sponsorship/monies to this league or any other league that the Club participate in or for the purchase of new equipment this would be gratefully appreciated (even small donations help).

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