Indoor League Results

 Indoor League Match2 Kelvin Hall, 20th February 2011
results from the above match can be viewed below
(Keith Ridley)

Indoor League Match 2, Kelvin Hall  –  20 February 2011
Individual performances are given below. Full results are available on 
Age Group     Event Place Performance  
U11 Boys Cameron Tait 60m A 1st A 9.51  
  Ramsay Hodgson 60m B 1st B 9.70  
  Fraser Smith 600m A 3rd A 2.05.2  
  Matthew Robison 600m B 3rd B 2.17.0  
  Cameron Tait Stand LJ A 4th A 1.62  
  Ramsay Hodgson Stand LJ B 4th B 1.45  
U13 Boys Kingsley Cunningham 60m 1st 8.19  
  Yannik Dieker 60m 8th 9.56  
  Cal McLennan 60m Guest 9.10  
  Paul Ireland 800m 3rd 2.40.0  
  Jamie Boyd 800m 1st 2.32.4  
  Jamie Laughland 60mH 1st 11.09  
  Yannik Dieker 60mH 3rd 12.60  
  Kingsley Cunningham 200m 1st 28.1  
  Michael Dennis 200m 3rd 30.0  
  Jamie Underwood 200m Guest 33.7  
  Jamie Underwood High Jump 1st 1.30  
  Yannik Dieker High Jump 3rd 1.15  
  Cal McLennan Long Jump 2nd 3.98  
  Michael Dennis Long Jump 4th 3.90  
  Cal McLennan Shot 3rd 6.75  
  Michael Dennis Shot 4th 6.06  
U15 Boys Ben Robbins 60m 1st 7.65  
  Silvano Marcantonio 60m 2nd 8.14  
  Luca Vita 60m 4th 8.34  
  Josh Kerr 800m 2nd 2.22.8  
  Cameron Gilmour 800m 1st 2.21.4  
  Duncan Darling 800m 6th 2.28.6  
  Callum Jones 60mH 3rd 10.60  
  Benedikt Dieker 60mH 4th 10.64  
  Callum Robertson 60mH 6th 12.95  
  Guy Wardrop 200m 1st 26.3  
  Silvano Marcantonio 200m 2nd 26.4  
  Ben Robbins 400m 1st 53.6 SAIL Record
  Cameron Gilmour 400m 4th 63.9  
  Callum Jones High Jump 2nd 1.45  
  Benedikt Dieker High Jump 3rd 1.45  
  Callum Robertson High Jump 5th 1.30  
  Callum Jones Triple Jump 1st 10.82 SAIL Record
  Benedikt Dieker Triple Jump 5th 9.51  
  Ben Robbins Shot 3rd 9.83  
  Silvano Marcantonio Shot 6th 6.65  
  Patrick Keith Shot 4th 8.25  
U17 Men John Glen 60m 2nd 7.44  
  Daniel Holligan 60m 9th 7.88  
  James Innes 60m Guest 7.53  
  Jake Kerr 800m 1st 2.09.3  
  Ruaridh Miller 800m 2nd 2.09.7  
  Jamie Batho 60mH 1st 9.03  
  John Glen 200m 1st 23.6  
  Chris Kelly 200m 7th 25.3  
  James Innes 200m Guest 24.9  
  Coran Darling 400m 3rd 56.6  
  Daniel Holligan 400m 5th 58.2  
  Ben Black High Jump 2nd 1.55  
  Ben Black Triple Jump 4th 9.98  
  Andrew Loudon Triple Jump 2nd 10.35  
  Hamish Campbell Shot 2nd 10.77  
  Andrew Loudon Shot 3rd 10.70  
U20 Men Tom Holligan 60m 3rd 7.33  
  Isaiah Symonds 60m 2nd 7.22  
  Peter Loudon 800m 2nd 2.03.6  
  Lewis Renton 800m 3rd 2.10.0  
  Tom Holligan 200m 1st 23.0  
  Peter Loudon 400m 1st 50.9  
  Lewis Renton 400m 4th 54.9  
  Michael Fernie 400m Guest 56.9  
  Allan Smith High Jump 2.05 1st  
  Peter Loudon Triple Jump 2nd 10.90  
  Allan Smith Shot 2nd 11.77  
  Isaiah Symonds Shot 7th 6.84  
U11 Girls Eva Clark 60m A 6th 10.28  
  Eva Clark Stand LJ A 3rd 1.61  
U13 Girls Natalie Robbins 60m 2nd 8.81  
  Catherine Bough 60m 9th 9.70  
  Julia Laughland 800m 3rd 2.43.7  
  Carolyn Cameron 800m 5th 2.51.9  
  Rachel Fregusson 60mH 2nd 10.97  
  Catherine McHardy 60m H 6th 12.60  
  Julia Laughland 200m 6th 31.5  
  Ailsa Clark 200m 7th 31.7  
  Rachel Fergusson High Jump 1st 1.25  
  Catherine Bough High Jump 6th 1.15  
  Rachel Fergusson Long Jump 2nd 3.85  
  Ailsa Clark Long Jump 8th 3.28  
  Natalie Robbins Shot 1st 8.72  
  Carolyn Cameron Shot 10th 4.32  
U15 Girls Isis Moody 60m 4th 8.58  
  Kirsty Deland 60m 7th 8.84  
  Hannah Cameron 800m 1st 2.28.6  
  Georgina Loudon 800m 11th 3.04.6  
  Charlotte Robison 60mH 1st 10.30  
  Ellie McGinty 60mH 3rd 10.60  
  Isis Moody 200m 3rd 29.0  
  Linzi Devers 200m 8th 30.4  
  Hannah Cameron 300m 3rd 45.8  
  Kirsty Deland 300m 5th 47.0  
  Katie Robertson High Jump 1st 1.40  
  Ellie McGinty High Jump 5th 1.30  
  Charlotte Robison Long Jump 2nd 4.36  
  Ellie McGinty Long Jump 8th 3.93  
  Sammy Higgs Shot 5th 6.60  
  Hannah Fergusson Shot 8th 5.09  
U17 Women Demi Yorke 60m 1st 8.34  
  Emma McGinty 60m Guest 8.57  
  Isabelle Bough 800m 2nd 2.34.2  
  Caitlin O’Neil 60mH 3rd 9.86  
  Demi Yorke 200m 3rd 28.0  
  Kirsty McKean 300m 1st 43.9  
  Caitlin O’Neil High Jump 1st 1.70 SAIL Record
  Demi Yorke Triple Jump 3rd 9.30  
  Emma McGinty Shot 5th 6.36  
Match 2            
Team Positions A B C      
U11 Boys 3rd          
U13 Boys 1st 3rd        
U15 Boys 1st 3rd 6th      
U17 Men 1st          
U20 Men 1st 6th        
U11 Girls 7th          
U13 Girls 1st 7th        
U15 Girls 1st 6th        
U17 Women 1st          
Overall Afternoon            
League Positions            
U11 Boys 3rd          
U13 Boys 1st 2nd        
U15 Boys 1st 2nd 5th      
U17 Men 1st          
U20 Men 1st 7th        
U11 Girls 7th          
U13 Girls 2nd 5th        
U15 Girls 1st 3rd        
U17 Women 1st          
 New SAIL League Records

Age Group         Event                  Club       Athlete Name                  Performance     Old record

Under 15 Boys     400m           Edinburgh AC  Ben Robbins                         53.6                     54.5

Under 15 Boys     Triple Jump  Edinburgh AC  Callum Jones                       10.82                   10.50

Under 17 Women  High Jump  Edinburgh AC  Caitlin O’Neil                          1.70                     1.65

Edinburgh AC teams qualifying for the finals on 13 March are:

Boys:  U11, U13A, U13B, U15A, U15B, U17A, U20A

Girls:  U13A, U15A, U17A

In addition there will be relays for all age groups.  Details available from Yvonne Jones.

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